Tinta Fina


Another landscape in Crisis uses graphic narration and immersive drawing as a satirical reflection of the immersive experiences and spaces oriented to the tourist of Barcelona today. The artist appropriates here these experiences that demand our attention with the overwhelming stimuli in order to talk about the connections between precariousness and touristification.

A graphic investigation made of homemade strategies, a defense of the DIY culture against the impersonal perfection of 3D environments. With humor and provocation, it asks us to make an effort to read text, images and meanings versus entertaining formats that chew up all content. Taking the space as the central point, scenes of the city are codified in illustrations and dialogues are displayed on the walls, scenes extracted from conversations (sometimes overheard secretly) with friends and artists.

Nuria Inés (Tinta Fina) works with graphic narration and expanded comic as tools to generate communication and knowledge. She is an artist in residence at the Escocesa and in the “In residence” program at the Vall de Hebrón Institute wihttp://tintafina.netth Experimentem amb l’Art. In 2019 she participated in the Buenos Aires biennial of young art in collaboration with Hangar. She has been awarded by the Sala d’art Jove de la Generalitat for the project “Canción para Consuelo” with which she was a resident at Corniolo art platform, in Florence, Italy. She is part of the “Julio collective”, with which she participated in the exhibition “el arte irreducible” in the sessions of the popular university of CA2M in Madrid. She regularly participates in projects of other artists or groups as graphic narrator: DU-DA collective or “els enemics del poble i l’infern” by Lluc Mayol, among others.

In collaboration with La Escocesa.

Texto curatorial.