Thierry Liegeois


“My initial project consisted of concreting cities, in other words, reducing the aesthetic fractures that exist in the urban space, between tourist zones, commercial zones, disused zones or intermediate fringes, through the composition of a “total souvenir-object”. It is finally in the waste, in all that the habitants discard or abandon, that I have found a porosity. It is not a question here of archiving these fragments, but of producing possible narratives through hybridisation, assembly and remixing.” Thierry Liegeois 

Thierry Liegeois was born in 1983 in Montbéliard (France). He worked as a machine programmer and operator before joining the ENSBA Lyon where received a DNSEP in 2010. After showing his work in the Modules of the Palais de Tokyo in 2012 and participating to the IAC Villeurbanne Galeries Nomades program, Liegeois was invited for personals exhibitions, including Le syndrôme Murray Futterman with the collective Or Nothing in Brussels in 2013, Cacography at Lab 47 in 2015 and Glitch City at Unicorn Center For Art in Beijing in 2016, Wet Hill at the Renaud Foundation during the Biennale de Lyon, and Off Cells at Le 19, Crac, Montbéliard in 2017.
He was included in various collective exhibitions, including Machination(s), Galerie Eric Mouchet, Paris, Les Hommes de la Mancha, Double V Gallery, Marseille, and Jörmungandr Hybraxxx, Wonder/Liebert, Bagnolet.

Thierry Liegeois’ researches take the form of a reflection on the present as a cluttering, non-ideal environment. His pieces, usually relying on a playful confrontation of symbols and references, are infused with a critical stance — sometimes with humor — toward class discrepancies and the social and aesthetic divides in which we live. The sites he explores are usually associated to popular, vernacular genres, the terrains where counter and subcultures grow. Liegeois’s installations mobilize and blend sculpture, stage design, the diversion of objects, video and sound, seeking to closely relate the work to its context of production and exhibition.

*Thierry Liegeois is an artist in residence during the months of November and December, as part of the exchange programme between art3 (Valence, France) and Homesession. The exchange programme is supported by the Institut Ramon Llull and the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.