Stefan Lukić

Stefan Lukić

Exposition: 1st round in Barcelona – A streetcar named Desire

Both projects were created in Barcelona, during Stefan Lukić’s residency at Homesession in the framework of our Exchange program. The projects are related to the artist’s current artistic practice and research on the relation between art, public space and physicality: during the two last years, the artist has developed a body of performance works using running as an artistic research methodology, to challenge his own practice, centered on painting and drawing, through live interventions in public spaces.

1st round in Barcelona 13.6.2021.

Organized on an athletic track, 1st round in Barcelona is the first drawing-event of a series of 4 performances. Those performance will take place in the next twenty days, and will end on July 5th in Belgrade, exploring the repetition of equally designed events in different times and places.

A streetcar named Desire 10.6.2021.

A streetcar named Desire is a drawing-event and a performative intervention in a public space, focusing on the notions of wishes and accomplishment, using Barcelona’s most famous streetcar accident, which involved Antoni Gaudi, as a pretext to explore its relation to the notion of risk.

The two projects, based on the appropriation of recognizable artistic works as well as sport’s rules and visual culture, will be presented at Homesession through a series of documentation conceived as an ongoing archive.

Stefan Lukić is a Serbian visual and performance artist who, using the mediums of drawing, painting, photography, video, installation, interventions in public space and performance. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2018 (with one year at Paris’ Fine Arts University), and is currently attending a Master’s degree in Applied Arts in Belgrad. Having won  the Award of Painting at his Faculty in 2016, he has had several solo exhibitions, including: “Interspace” at U10 Art Space, “YUGOostalgia” at the Užice National Theater, “Obverse and Reverse” at the National Museum in Kragujevac. He has also exhibited in group shows in Paris, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac amongst others. He currently lives and works in Belgrade.

Project in collaboration with Belgrade AIR