Stanko Gagrčin


In collaboration with Belgrade Air

During my residency in Homesession, I was working on a virtual video installation. It is intended to be consumed with a V.R. headset or as a video game. The spectator can move through the virtual simulation of the space of Katolička Porta, a square in Novi Sad, Serbia. This virtual space is filled with videos of individuals talking about their memories from this space. This project is a work in progress.

Katolička Porta is a square near the very centre of the city. It has a history of being in the centre of the city’s alternative scene: in the 60s, the art avant-garde gathered in Tribina located on this square. During the 2000s and 2010s it was a hotspot for informal alternative youth gatherings. Because of the pressures from residents from surrounding buildings and cafes, in the past years, the police forces out anyone who tries to informally hang out by the fountain, leaving only cafe guests nearby.

Any space isn’t a mere composition of materials: it is consisted of all the people and events that had happened in it. Public spaces are macro-platforms for potential micro-private events. This work also shows how one top-down gentrification in a macro-space affects (night) lives of the Novi Sad youth on a micro-level.

With this work I continue to rethink the topic of virtual memorial art. The fluidity of virtual spaces allows a non-linear narrativity. The spectators themselves make the choice of how long are they going to listen/watch a particular story – but they are inevitably inside a bigger narrative – in this case the space of Porta.

Stanko Gagrčin

Stanko Gagrčin is the Serbian artist that participated to our first Exchange Program between Barcelona and Belgrade (Serbia) with the collaboration of Belgrade Air Project. Gagrčin was resident  at Homesession on March and April 2018

Stanko Gagrčin was born in Sombor, Serbia in 1994. In 2013 he finished the highschool for design in the class of Interior design, and in 2017 he finished the bachelor studies in the course of Scene architecture, design and technology in Novi Sad, Serbia. He participated in numerous group exhibitions during his studies and cooperated with festivals like Bitef and Exit festival. His area of interest ranges from film, video art, visual art, installation, stage design to virtual art and architecture.

Instagram @hajdukstankela