Shu-Jung CHAO

«TRANS -» 2019

“Past, present, future, and, all in between.

I project on the city a kind of mental panoramic landscape.

The sea acts there as a mirror to reflect the conditions of human beings.

Can we measure the influence of the landscapes we encounter in the construction of our personality and our gaze? Our personal experience does contribute to a constant change in our identities through time and space: changes that we might compare to the tectonic plates and continental drifts: imperceptible but powerful movements causing faults and convergences, melting but also making lands disappear.

Through images and sounds, my project features an experience for the audience, in which I evocate and mix subjects, such as nostalgia, nomadism, displacement, psygeography, pursuit after one’s utopia, and heterotopia.

I try to guide the spectator through a sensorial drift, in which sounds and sights arouse a deeply layered sense of alienation. The experience, interacting with the outer world, aims at producing an expanding shock and reverberation in the viewer’s conscience.

The series of audio features a composition that twirls daily life soundscapes and memories of different persons who participated in the project, in the form of songs and poems. The soundtrack extends the vision and broadens the field and atmosphere of the featured video. My intention is to offer an immersion in the unsettling environment of an “uncanny” experience.”

CHAO Shu-Jung

趙書榕 Shu-Jung CHAO (Taipei, 1982) is an interdisciplinary artist.
Her works focus on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences such as memory, travelling/time travel, culture/language and aspects of consciousness, as well as “globalization” issues in the public sphere.
Shu-Jung grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. After long residence in France, she evolved a lifetime ambition to the video, new media, multimedia and contemporary art. In 2009, Shu-Jung graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. In 2011-12, she participated in the Post-graduate programme at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure
des Arts Décoratif de Paris. In addition to participating in several international art festivals and exhibitions (in France, Germany, USA, Singapore and China), Shu-Jung is the only Taiwanese artist whose work was selected by the French- German Arts and Culture TV (ARTE Video Night), broadcast on ARTE, the Cinematheque of Toulouse, the Digital Culture Art Center in Paris (La Gaîté Lyrique ) and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. In 2017, her first solo exhibition in Japan Sound! Soundings!! was broadcast on NHK and RSK TV. In 2011, she was selected for Taiwan’s Emerging Artists by the Ministry of Culture (Made in Taiwan – Young Artist Discovery).
Several of her works have also been added to the collection of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and ArtBank, supported by the Ministry of Culture.

*With the collaboration of Ministery of Culture of Taiwán