Shao-Hung Cheng

Taiwanese curator Shao-Hung Cheng is presenting an event with a talk and showing a series of archives. Tthese archives includes the primary source written by Spaniards during their occupation in Northern Taiwan in the 17th century, photo copies of works from Filipino artist Henrielle Baltazar Pagkaliwangan about sugar industry in Negros and, finally, a propaganda recently released by Taiwanese government about foreign trade policy which is concealed the thinking of colonization. Each document is related to another, by putting them together Cheng wishes to compose a web that connecting different period of time and regions, hoping to create a way that we can have a better understanding to the world we are living in.

Shao-Hung Cheng (Taiwan, 1987) is a curator and art critic based in Taipei. His research interest is focused on literature and mythology. Cheng has curated the following exhibitions: Mythology of Risen (Marso gallery, Mexico City, 2017), Fiction in Social Reality (VT Artsalon, Taipei, 2016), WISE SPHERE (Hin Bus Depot Art Centre, Penang, 2016), and Black Myth (a fashion show for the Taiwan fashion brand Rainhoe in 2010). He also published Prophets in 2014, a book that contains interviews to eight important artists in Taiwan.