Sergi Botella


Performance: March, 12th 

A performance by Sergi Botella that unites orality and physical effort from a semi-autobiographical, fragmented and polyhedral text.

A crash pad is a portable mattress for practicing block climbing in the open air, but which, in practice, can accommodate any other type of fall, physical or emotional. In this case, he also alludes to other constants in Sergi Botella’s work: on the one hand, car accidents, broken glasses and deep falls. On the other hand, that of the pads, writing or electronic music.

Currently the work of Sergi Botella (Terrassa, 1976) takes shape in performatic presentations, text and sound.  An exercise halfway between sound electronics and experiential remixing. He uses his affective environment, as well as the next and everyday to provoke new situations from the intimate, reordering the set of possibilities. His exemplified explanations flow in an atmosphere loaded with self-suggested lies and the most honest stories that are subjected to each other.

*With the collaboration of Foment Excursionista de Barcelona, Caterina Almirall and Violeta Mayoral.

Un text com una roca / Caterina Amirall

@photos Violeta Mayoral