Rémi Dal Negro & Romain Poirier

3 Transitions d’une même figure

The resident artists Rémi Dal Negro (Sallanches, 1985), Romain Poirier (Aix-Les-Bains, 1985) presented in Homesession “3 transitions d’une même figure” within the programme of the Loop City Screen Festival.

“At the beginning of this project, the intention to show the depths of Gabber’s meetings was linked to the study of synthetic communication devices that were being developed in the 90s.
“3 transitions d’une même figure” was born from a collaboration in which the mixture of sensitive experiences related to partying and active listening are expressed in a video-sound. It contains a journey towards psychomagic and is created between the roar of a tuned-up car and the hydrophonic listening of the leuciscus idus fish.”

Rémi Dal Negro, visual artist, and Romain Poirier, composer, work on sound works in their materiality. In 2017, Rémi Dal Negro invited Romain Poirier to experiment with the amplification and manipulation of the signals emitted by his trap ‘Etendoir’. This meeting produced a performance and the composition of the second part of the Quattro Stagioni, l’Estate.
Creator of Couac et de Relief, Rémi Dal Negro is represented by the Eric Mouchet gallery. Romain Poirier is a member of the Uzhur group, co-founder of the Mer-Noir studios and the Scalarstation radio project.
The Homesession residence allows them to write and develop the research project Comment Habité Un Mur de Son?

The artists where resident at homesession during the months of November and December 2020 in the framework of the Exchange project in collaboration with art3 (Valence, France)