Rafa Castañer

workshop-performance + exhibition: 

A walk through an invented exhibition.

A workshop to create an individual artist’s book.

A collective work that ends a comic about the happenings that the artist made in the 60s.

Walking Free Comic is a GUIDED VISIT for an imaginary exhibition: we will see “proposed works” and “found pieces” that connect aesthetically or conceptually with discourse and work of Yayoi Kusama.

This performance is also an ARTIST BOOK WORKSHOP that each one will carry out during the journey to Homesession, with Rafa Castañer’s help and stopping in different bakeries and bars that will allow us to celebrate and calmly see the material generated along the way.

Finally, it is a collective work that will result in a comic dedicated to the open and liberating happenings that Yayoi Kusama made in the sixties.


“I am a narrator who uses illustration, drawing, painting, animation, comics or performance to explain and to explain myself.

I like to tell. I like to develop characters, scenarios, landscapes and investigate which is the right way to do it.

Each story has its own language, its own way of presenting itself to the world.

My career develops throughout these research processes and I offer the result.”

Rafa Castañer