Renato Maretti

Renato Maretti’s projects feed off the everyday observation of the environment closest to the artist. He is interested in decontextualizing the components of this reality to induce a reflection on the part of the spectator. With this aim, he often resorts to games that imitate reality, copying the appearance of objects that we use daily and misusing them, making them or more specifically making them fictitious. Drawings, stickers or intervened objects on the other hand bring him closer to a language typical of street art, focussing in particular on the policies governing the physical control of the body in the urban space. The residency of Renato Maretti at Homesession took place at the same time as the visit to Barcelona of two other Brazilian artists, Mariana Oliveira and Bruno Storni. This coincidence leaded them to take advantage of the proximity of their travel experiences to conceive a project, the motor for which would be their temporary displacement. The shadow of the Spanish artist Isidoro Valc√°rcel Medina and his itinerant exhibition (2002) hovers over the title “Ir y no venir” (Coming and not going). With it, the artists alluded to the right to free circulation that only exists within very restricted geographical frameworks. They endeavoured, at the same time, to impose a peripheral point of view: the exhibition in this way suppose a displacement of the gaze, from the outside inwards. The space was closed during the exhibition with a painted grille that symbolically delimitated a territory that aimed to activate our cultural awareness thanks to the external mediation of the projects created by the three artists. The political agenda, the techniques of security and the cultural distances perceptible through attitudes, belief systems and the everyday are thereby established as the principle axes for reflection in this collective work.

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