Jean Barberis

Jean Barberis’ page on the Flux Factory’s website.

Jean Barberis is a maker, an artist, and a curator but he rarely makes a distinction between the various aspects of his practice. His work almost exclusively revolves around collective initiatives and relational strategies. According to Time out New York, Barberis defies Newton’s laws of motion, which the artist consider flattering but slightly exaggerated.

A native of Provence and established in New York since 2000, Barberis co-founded Flux Factory’s gallery space and Arts Collective, a project that fosters in collaborative practices and interchange as a base for the creation process. He has also collaborated with collective or project spaces such as EFA, Rabbit Hands, Swimming Cities or Mare Liberum.

Jean Barberis likes to engage artists in the curatorial process and to investigate new territories for creation in relation with the community. This ambition is clearly reflected in his interests that include urban exploration, shoemaking, boat building, and engaging in exchanges and economies outside of the confines of capitalism.

Curator of the project “la Salle de Concert” that will be presented this summer at the Palais de Tokyo, Jean Barberis will talk about the different aspects of his projects and interests.