Gabriel Desplanque

artist website.

The work of Gabriel Desplanque interweaves links between photography, film and literary practice. Trained between Toulouse and Paris, he has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals across the whole of Europe. In his videos and photographs, the image is the medium and the subject of a history of discontinuous construction and open meaning. The fragments of histories offer us a field of multiple readings and a narrative tension that play with suspense and vertigo. It’s worth highlighting the collaborative projects that the artist establishes with actors from the music scene like Arandel. The residency of Gabriel Desplanque in Barcelona had as its objective the development of a video project inspired in revelation as a point of vital inflection. Based on a script but redressing the fiction with elements more typical of the documentary genre, Les idoles featured a series of witnesses, the lives of whom have been transformed by an unexpected presence: the strength of which annihilates their last rational resistance. Images of the street in Barcelona but also sequences of lyrical singing and choreography were inserted between the interviews, echoing the stories of the witnesses and seeking in reality the possible forms of individual revelation and the radical change that it supposes. The projection of the video in the auditorium of the French Institute in Barcelona preceded the presentation of an electronic music project, a work that combines cinematographic and musical languages, that was realized together with Arandel. The resulting work fed off musical composition through improvisation, manipulation and a collection of sounds and the live montage of archive images and newly created images, assembled and united as a visual, musical collage.