Emily Robyn Archer

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It was an installation by Irish artist Emily Robyn Archer, exploring creativity and the everyday. The ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a dragon eating its own tail. The name originates from within Greek language; (oura) meaning “tail” and (boros) meaning “eating”, thus “he who eats the tail”. The artist experimented with her living and studio space, traversing ways in which our creativity plays off our everyday life, sometimes an awkward obstacle we have to maneuver, but always holding the allure of opportunity for self expression and to create and sustain energy from within. The installation celebrated a new creative space in the Poble Sec locality. To invite the involvement of the community, the artist worked with participants making miniature origami dragons with the address of installation attached. The dragons were left in public areas for people to find and follow. Allowing them to discover the Ouroboros Experiment for themselves.