Damaso Reyes

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Nearly fifty years ago Swiss photographer Robert Frank traveled to America with his Leica to document the changing face of a nation. The result, The Americans, is not only an amazing document of a place and time but a glimpse at a people through the eyes of a foreigner. �It is precisely that fact which makes The Americans such a powerful work. While Americans from Dorothea Lange to Walker Evans had documented their own country, there was something that Frank brought as a European which allowed America to see a side of itself that had been hidden.

Today, a new nation of sorts is being born, this time in Europe. It began with the European Community, expanded with the European Union and continued with the creation of the Euro which has brought together much of Europe into an ever closer .

As an American, I propose to use Frank’s work as an inspiration for a new project. “The Europeans” is nothing less than an attempt to photograph and tell the stories of the nation of Europe, from London to Moscow; the stories of nations currently in the EU , those seeking to join and those still on the outside looking in. �This documentary project is rooted in the present to serve as window on a particular point in history. Most importantly, I hope to be able to capture the way that Europeans see themselves and each other at this pivotal moment in time. Additionally I hope to break down many of the stereotypes that Americans have of Europeans.