Juan Duque

artist website.

Evasión a set of interventions Juan Duque presented on march 6th, 2010 after having been working on it during his residency at homesession. His creation process implies the re-activation of the memories through interactions with the place and explorations of its surfaces. Putting together materials and leaving room to abstraction, Juan Duque brings back textures and images of landscapes he’s already lived through, focusing on the dynamic that the projection of individual memory on a place and its narrations systematically implies.

Gathering crumpled materials, papers and cardboard cuts, photographies and video that stand for the landscape iconic visual representation as well as for the maps’ ideological construction, Juan Duque leads us to understand the psycho-topographical context of the installation: the landscape, understood as “what you can see”, is at the mean time a learning process and a projection, say a dynamical process that is deeply-rooted in the individual story. This reappropriation process implies a modification of the meanings and different iterations which Juan Duque accounts for in his work.

The creases and unexpected curves of the differents elements included in the intervention develop an artificial, uneven and sharp orography: it allows Juan Duque to bring a new interpretation to the place, transforming the set of narrations it firstly conveys into the medium for a dynamic of memories and reconstruction. Evasion ends up being an abstract representation of the place including reframings, new points of view and more or less free-flowing layers. The obsessive presence of traces of different kinds, such as oils, dust and waters gives us some clues about this purpose. They stand for the transformation process to which the re-appearance of the past leads up: they are even an evidence of it. But those traces also allude to the room left to chance: they are a symbolic representation of what’s possible in the more evasive meaning of the word. They are a disruption in process. In the same way that the creation process means doodling repeatedly the interactions between what’s already there and what comes up in addition, Juan Duque’s intervention implies giving a role to what’s undefined, to autonomous developments and unexpected course changes. Evasion is a narration of the creative potential and its possible marginal extensions.