Gwo Yinn Lee

artist website.

A civil engineer by training, Gwo Yinn Lee has increasingly focussed on his artistic activities since the year 2010. His principal areas of interest are sexual and gender politics and their social impact, particularly anti-homosexuality laws and the attitudes that these generate and promote amongst the population. He also works around concepts of identity and sexual orientation and the stereotypes surrounding them. His projects are mainly formalised as drawings, watercolours and collages. The residency of Gwo Yin Lee in Barcelona was the occasion for the artist to distance himself from his usual context and got to know realities that are socially and culturally distant from Singapore, where he lives. The immersion in Barcelona served as the base, through photographs, sketches and on the spot annotations, with which to carry out later an intense series of small format drawings and watercolours, as well as a series of abstract representations titled what is art?. Very detailed spatial annotations and architectural details constitute in this way an important series in the blog that the artist maintained during his stay at Homesession. The work about the architectural context and landscape are complemented with works inspired by the self-representations drawn from virtual chat rooms. The artist combined in the drawings the sketch based on the photograph and the literal copy of a text that is barely intelligible to him, but which highlights the intuitions derived from the normative criteria of the actual presentations.