Ely Daou & Miguel Inumerable

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Orders of things gathered pieces by Lebanese artist Ely Daou and Filipino artist Miguel Lope Inumerable, in the framework of a collaboration with the international workshop of the Metáfora Art School in Barcelona. It focused on our relation which what is already there and the way we try to both rely on the context and develop a higher autonomy. Ely Daou’s sculptures and installation represented and generated conflicts with what our rationality assume as perennial evidence or stable order of things. Looking for how to approach the point where the stability is lost, Ely Daou worked with the figure of risk as the one that provided a permanente bounce to our vital dynamics. Normativity is a raw material of the work of Miguel Lope Inumerable, which is based mainly on drawing and expanded drawing. The installation Automation questioned the set of guidelines that structures arts education and its scale of valuation. It opens thus a helpful crisis versus the belief in an established order and it does so with a subtle irony that significantly enhances its critical potential.

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