Anibal Parada

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Jerome’s Portrait
“I was asked to work from inside a house hybrid, halfway between domestic housing, space for public debate and residence for artists where Jérôme and Olivier live y gestionan el proyecto. In one of my visits I asked Jerome if the photograph of his mother eating was for him a political image and his first impulse was to tell me that indeed, it was without any further explanation.
I took an old photo camera desktop-Nettar Olivier, made in Germany-, I made a portrait of Jerome and a series of 12 photographs at random from the courtyard and the living room of the house, intuitively.
Later, Jerome writes to me:
– That’s what I asked, because I do not know, when you let go of the image of my mother eating was very political, I meant in the first place (…) “.
Jérôme portrait materializes a dense a process of discussions and proposals by Anibal Parada for the InvitedOneDay programme. The installation was established as a narrative. The reference to an image away from the installation (“the mother eating”), weaves the story of a creative process, from which the image was the turning point, with the narrative of a life experience, which is in that case a mismatch. The pictures projected space are opposed to this evocation, referring to its distance and staging, with studio lights included, the white walls and the physical degradation of the place. Related by a large portrait, pictures and text combine implicitly a tension within the present.

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