Miquel García

Miquel García. When the world becomes lines

In 1760 the cartographer John Spilsbury casually invented the first puzzle. One day it occurred to him to glue one of its maps in a wooden tablet and to cut it following the line of the borders. As he moved, he fell several pieces, and as he redid it, he realized how laborious it was to fit the fragments of the map again. The fortuitous origin of the puzzle is the starting point of When the world becomes lines, taking the representation of the world to displace it, distorting its meaning and producing a new sense of the multiple lines that draw up geography.

Through video and installation, Miquel García puts the spotlight on the planet to disassemble its graphic representation and the symbols of societies that inhabit it. The world map understood as a game that is difficult to solve,  the iconoclasm of the subjective reinterpretation of hymns and the comparison of the borders of some countries propose an ironic – but profound – approach to the identity and territorial issues that make up the world today.

Miquel García (Barcelona, 1975) holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and he has made several residences in Spain, Brazil, Korea and Canada. He has exhibited collectively and individually in Paris, São Paulo, Barcelona , Luxembourg, Mardin (Turkey), Turku (Finland), Vic, Zamora, Almeria, Navarra, New York ​​and Tarragona.

His work explores different lines of work such as the notion of space and territory, the analysis of economic structures and power and research of contemporary theories of history and collective identity. Nowadays he is working in a publication project with a grant from Guasch Coranty Foundation.