Matteo Guidi

Matteo Guidi. Tiempo de presión 

Tiempo de presión is part of the research on feeding in highly conditioned environments that Matteo Guidi has developed since 2009, which has led him to explore, for example, the recursive culinary expressions that take place in prisons.

The project raises a narrative speculation that takes as a starting point La Reina, the pressure cooker that Fidel Castro distributed among the Cuban population as part of energy saving plan of the island, making it practically a national badge.

The management of the public image of the device, done by Fidel himself, serves to deploy a game of resonances between the idea of a close commander and the explicit and implicit power relations in this gesture. The queen of salsa –Cuban exiled Celia Cruz – singing the food, the idea of the future and The Queen are also involved in this micro-story in process.

Alex Brahim

Matteo Guidi (Cesena, Italy, 1978) is an artist with a background in ethno-anthropology and a professor of Sociology of Communication at the ISIA University of Urbino

Currently based in Barcelona, he operates at the intersection between art and anthropology, investigating complex contexts of more or less closed structures: security prisons, factories, and, most recently, refugee camps. His practice is driven by a curiosity to understand how individuals or groups of individuals manage their own movement, on a daily basis, through strongly defined systems which tend to objectify them and even induce forms of self-restraint. Reflecting upon unpredictable methods of daily resistance sparked by a combination of simplicity and ingenuity, he focuses on contexts that are considered marginal or exceptional but, in reality, anticipate more common scenarios.