Mario Santamaria


Residency at art3 (Valence, France). Exchange Residency Program

«Un monde 24/7 produit un semblant d’équivalence entre ce qui existe et ce qui est immédiatement disponible, accessible ou utilisable. Le spectral est toujours, d’une certaine manière, une intrusion, ou une disruption du présent par quelque chose qui se situe hors du temps, par des fantômes de ce qui n’a pas été détruit par la modernité, ceux de victimes qui ne sauraient être oubliées, ceux d’émancipations inabouties»
Jonathan Crary. 24/7 Le capitalisme à l’assaut du sommeil. éd. La Découverte, 2014.

Mario Santamaria’s work is part of a series of photographic work carried out for several years based on the image and its representation or absence. The artist focuses on the main social networks that integrate image recognition algorithms capable of identifying objects and learning over time, and which become an important data extraction center associated to our content. The descriptions proposed by users are far from the capabilities of these algorithms to interpret this information. This double life of the images remains hidden in the black box of our interfaces, but it is part of the informational reality in which we evolve.

Show me the ghost is a photographic project that documents the ability of the Facebook algorithm to detect the representation of a ghost. A proposal about the invisible state of the digital image and the human capacity to concentrate on visual images with the eyes closed.

Mario Santamaria(Burgos, 1985), graduated in Fine Arts and Visual Arts and Multimedia by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, lives and works in Barcelona. His artistic practice studies the phenomenon of contemporary observer paying attention both to representational or symbolic practices and to the technical devices of vision and mediation. His work problematizes the relations between the production of subjectivity and the ways in which the body of the observer is crossed by languages ​​and technologies in contemporary society. Using appropriation, remake or montage tactics, his projects intervene in different territories such as conflict, memory, virtuality or surveillance.

Santamaría has completed artistic residences in cities such as Barcelona, ​​Ghent (Belgium), Stuttgart (Germany), Belfast (Northern Ireland) or Nova Delhi (India), among others. He has recently been a finalist for the Post-Photography Prototyping Prize organized by the Fotomuseum Winterthur. He has participated in group exhibitions in museums such as the Münchner Stadtmuseu, ZKM Karlsruhe and the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Germany; the Fabra i Coats, the MACBA and the Fundació Tàpies of Barcelona; La Casa Encendida of Madrid; and the Devi Art Foundation of India.