Marc-Olivier Hamelin


The starting point of this project is an investigation of texts and images produced by artists in the context of the AIDS crisis at the end of the 20th century. XX – in particular of Félix González Torres and David Wojnarowicz – in order to reflect on the legacy of this crisis on the artists’ own artistic production and on his personal life. He puts his own texts and images in dialogue with other artists, portraying his own visual and literary narrative a mash-up queer voices.

He is interested in friendship, memory, loss and collaboration between lovers. The compilation of quotes and images from diaries and published books helps him to visualize and understand the daily life of these artists. An opportunity to explore how the collective LGTBQIA+ memory can be transmitted through generations, in a socio-political context in which sexuality and queer life continue to be repressed.

“It’s Still Vivid – Vivid Like that Crushed Flower on the Street” is a project that combines photography, installation and text in an intimate and minimalist enviroment. Texts are presented in a way in which they can be read, but also heard and touched. Tact and subtlety are two of the outstanding keys in this reflective journey around the legacy of the AIDS crisis on the gay, queer and LGTBQIA+ new generations.

Marc-Olivier Hamelin (Quebec, 1991) works from text and image, establishing dialogues and links that question the cultural production of discourses and narratives. His projects often take the form of interdisciplinary installations, in which text, video and different materials interact with each other. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University and a Master’s degree in Museology and Artistic Practices from the Université du Québec en Outaouais, he has developed his career by showing his work at L’Écart (Quebec, 2018) and participating in several group exhibitions at Galerie UQO, where he recently presented the project Il y a plusieurs fissures dans le solage, that’s a shame (2021).

It’s Still Vivid – Vivid Like That Crushed Flower on the Street is an artistica reaserch project carried out by Marc-Olivier Hamelin with the collaboration of L’Écart and Bureau de Québec en Barcelone.