Laura Llaneli

Laura Llaneli. Take Five

Project selected for Exchange Residency Program in collaboration with Art3 (Valence, France)

The project by Laura Llaneli as an artist-in-residency at Art3 takes as a starting point the piece Take Five by Paul Desmond performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Llaneli isolates the drums score and translates the different sounds into words: RIDE, CRASH, GROSSE CAISSE, CAISSE CLAIRE, TOM, TOM BASSE, CHARLES. With the recorded voice of a hip hop singer, Madame Bert, and a capella singer, Christophe, the song is a new composition with words, more proximate to poetry. The piece has a different way to understand the tempo: it depends on how long are the words to be said.

The project also contemplates how parts of the drum kit are called in different languages. Few drummers around the world collaborate with their recorded voices saying these parts in their languages: Catalonia, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Germany, Brasil, Poland and Canada.

During the exhibition in France, the visual part is made by the French design studio My Name is Wendy.

The works of Laura Llaneli (Granada 1986) moves between performance and sound art. Both media are stopped by the use of a space that is not necessarily physical or tangible, but that creates several situations that the artist manipulates. Her projects work the notions of repetition, simulation of superficiality, alteration, distortion and chaotic explosion.