Kay Schuttel

Intrigued by the social codes and unwritten rules embedded in everyday live behaviour, Kay Schuttel explore the performative aspects of the habitual. She focus is on the formation of new bodily movements and language generated by the evolution of communication tools, recording devices, and mediated daily rituals. Schuttel deconstruct, abstract and reassemble key components from this behaviour – gestures, movements, language and interaction – and stage moments in which these abstracted components are performed in altered forms or different contexts.

April 4th 2019 the artist offered Homesession the presentation of his performancee installation site specific Stand by.

Kay Schuttel (1985) is an Amsterdam-based artist whose work explores the evolution of corporeal vocabularies and the intersection between choreography and visual art. Schuttel has recently exhibited her work in DITS Gallery, Amsterdam (NL), Spazio Fico, Milan (IT), Viafarini, Milan (IT) and Vermont Studio Center, Vermont (US). Upcoming show at the Festival del Silenzio, Milan (IT), Residency in Homesession, Barcelona (ES) and Residency in Cripta747, Turin (IT). She is a tutor at the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), where she is currently head of an Elective in Time-based media. She is the artist in residence in Homesession during March and April 2019.

Info of exhibition Stand by


@photo credit: Diego Bustamante