Juan David Galindo

Kvaka 22, Belgrade 

Curated by Goran Rister

This project is a part of the exchange program between Homesession and Belgrade Air

What do we mean by tropical islands? And artificial islands? What do they represent in the imaginary collective?

NOWhere or in the middle of the ocean is an exhibition that explores the post-humanist-tropical imaginary through the study of artificial island and beach projects: floating hotels, military bases, islands in the sale, floating cities, videos of paradisiacal beaches. Juan David Galindo uses a range of projections to explore the thin line that divides utopia and dystopia and the relation between the dreams and the material conditions of existence.

Juan David Galindo (Bogotá, 1992) is based in Barcelona. His artistic work is articulated through performance, video, installation and archive. He studied Fine Arts and Design at La Massana and the Independent Studies Program at MACBA. In 2018 he has shown his work in the Sala D’art Jove, the Acid Sulfuric Gallery and the Arte aurora Galería. In 2017 he exhibited at the MACBA and the Sala Hiroshima both in Barcelona, at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá, and at Las Cigarreras in Alicante. In 2016 he displayed at the Gallery Angels and a protection in the program Screen The City in the Loop Festival.