Juan Antonio Cerezuela


In this project, the artist turned the space of Center 424 into a court full of fragments of readings, conversations, reflections written in chalk on the ground. These questions arose from the first thought he had related to wanting to stop being an artist and exploring basketball as a way to move.

This happening was carried out following the result of four texts written to articulate the research and presentation:
–  Can I quit being an artist?, by Juan Antonio Cerezuela;
P L A Y, by Mark Fish;
–  From Symptom to Sinthome, or from “I don’t want to be an Artist” to “ I want to be a basketball player”, by Mark Fish;
The Surplus Ball, by Mark Fish.
This set of texts collects all the “movements” that in some way have questioned his identity as an Artist.

Anyone who entered the space was pushed to P L A Y, to action, to move. To shoot in the basket… But while playing, reflections written on the floor would blur and disappear. In this court, everything has to move. So just,
P L A Y!

Juan Antonio Cerezuela (Cartagena, 1982) has a PhD in Visual and Intermedia Arts from the UPV (Valencia, 2014) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Granada, 2005). In his work, the correlation between language, time and space is usually always present through installation projects, performance and site-specific interventions, in which elements such as silence, latency, invisibility and illegibility are constantly repeated showing different tensions. Cerezuela has participated in collective exhibitions in centers such as the Born CCM, Arts Santa Mònica or Fabra i Coats in Barcelona. Among his solo exhibitions stand out en horas bajas (La Espronceda, 2021), Blanco y ceniza (13ESPACIOarte, Seville, 2021), La memoria ignífuga (Fundación Gabarrón, Murcia, 2019) and Full Blanks (CEART, Madrid, 2019). He has consecutively received the grant from ICARM, Region of Murcia (2020 and 2021), and the Experimentation and Research Grant from La Escocesa (2020). Between 2019-2020 he has completed curatorial studies at On Mediation (UB), developing the project <eye- framing=OM7> in collaboration with La Capella. He was a finalist for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Awards (London, 2019), he received the 1st prize for Emerging Art in Sabadell (2017) and the 1st prize at the XXXI La Rioja Young Art Show (2015). Since 2018, he has been a resident artist at the La Escocesa.

The result of the project consisted of a happening that took place at Center 424, on April 13th, 2022.

P L A Y is a research project carried out by Juan Antonio Cerezuela as an artist-in-residence at Belgrade Air with the collaboration of Homesession and Institut Ramon Llull between March and April of 2022.