Jeanne Varaldi

Jeanne Varaldi 
Urban Tracks    

Urban lines are curved, straight, sinuous, perpendicular. They structure the plan and organize the space. They frame the itinerary. They measure, calculate and regulate. Urban exploration opens up a completely different path: when the city takes shape in front of our eyes, the itinerary is deviated and the experience is sensitive. The city comes to life and the plan is distorted. From these sensitive uses, new lines and paths are emerging.

A reflection on the map as well as a tribute to construction zones, Jeanne Varaldiā€™s installation reflects her urban exploration during her residency at Homesession. The materials used echo construction sites: tarp, spray paint and fiberglass. On the floor, pieces of walls that were collected directly from the city give an archaeological tone to the room. The installation plays on different scales: the macro scale of the map, which is hand-drawn on the tarp, and the scale of the construction site, which is one of continuous transformation. The fixed and organized image of the map is dropped to show a city in perpetual transformation.

Jeanne Varaldi, a visual artist based in Paris, is the artist seleccionated for a 1 month residency during July 2021. She uses construction materials to challenge the urban fabric: pieces of plaster, granite, concrete or wood are collected and reassembled with pigmented cement, straps or coloured ropes. These installations enhance the texture and uneven shapes of urban fragments. The city becomes a playground for experimentation and regeneration. The viewer is confronted with new landscapes, in which construction materials become precious and secret resources. Jeanne Varaldi also creates murals that transform the public space through abstract patterns and pastel colors.

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