Jaume Clotet & Clàudia del Barrio

State of Maintream + How to Get More Followers

The artists Clàudia del Barrio and Jaume Clotet presented in Homesession their latest video State of Maintream and also the new edition of How to Get More Followersa limited edition scarf designed by Clàudia del Barrio & Jaume Clotet.

State of Maintream consists of clips from Youtube tutorials that teach how to produce trance music along with model gifs from H&M’s website.
During the late 1990s, a major technological change provided a new dimension of self-expression and communication in a new and very young generation. This generation, the Millennials, saw the beginning of social networking. Most of the millennials of that time were either pre-teens or young teenagers and discovered and shared online music that reflected their feelings, the trance. Trance is the classical and romantic side of dance music. It is a genre of escapist music designed to allow the user to explore their emotional state and, depending on the specific style, manipulate it.

How to Get More Followers is a sports scarf with the design of an audio from Soundcloud, a digital platform dedicated to music and sound. The audio that it represents is a remix based on spam texts that give advice on the best way to increase your followers in social networks.
How to Get More Followers is structured as a caricature of the self-propaganda logic of social networks, where aesthetics and appearance, superficiality and insistence are considered important by users who want to please and get the maximum number of followers.
This idea of virtual aesthetics and appearance is transferred in physical form through the sports scarf, a piece of clothing belonging to the fans and hooligans who follow the team unconditionally. This type of scarf always displays slogans and concise messages and serves to encourage the admired sportsmen.

>Pice 25€ from January 2021

>info: jaumix7@gmail.comcdelbarr@gmail.cominfo@homesession.org

The artistic practice of Clàudia del Barrio & Jaume Clotet revolves around how the Internet and technological devices coexist and affect our daily lives. They construct visual stories that lead us to explore the dissolution of reality and ironically question the medium and its representation.