Ioana Georgescu

From the other side / in the shadow of the mastodon
Ioana Georgescu

During her time at Homesession, the artist tackles the long-term project “Del Otro Lado” from the front, giving it a flexible body.
The starting point of the project is the encounter-dialogue with the heritage site of Can Ricart in Poblenou (Bcn), explored during several artistic residencies, carried out from 2012 onwards, at Hangar and Jiwar, which has materialised over the years in videos, photos, actions and drawings that bear witness to the transformation it is undergoing.

The Homesession space becomes a laboratory for reflection, experimentation and exhibition that aims to go beyond its walls and connect with the urban context. A new provocative encounter, ten years later, with a massive building under construction, which masks and covers the heritage site of Can Ricart like a sword of Damocles announcing an inescapable attack, triggers the urgent need for the artist to expose “the life” of the site that she managed to capture in a timely manner and from which she drew her inspiration.
The exhibition at Homesession, at the end of a two-month residency, tries to give body to this polymorphous long-term work and make it tell a story whose end can only be open and mutable: the story of a place and of a body in continuous evolution in a “pas de deux”.

Ioana Georgescu is a Montreal-based artist and novelist born in Bucharest, Romania. Her work has been presented in North America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature (Aesthetics) with a dissertation on frames, framing and artistic space. Her work encompasses performance, video, installation, photography, painting, drawing and writing.  Her site-specific art projects are often process-based, with a strong interest in the body, place, memory, identity and displacement. Selected venues and residencies: Hangar, Jiwar-Barcelona, Townhouse Gallery Cairo, Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad, Museum of Civilization Quebec City, Agora de la Danse, La Centrale-Montreal, Tupada’05, Tama’06 and Tutok’08 International Festivals Manila, Generali Foundation Vienna, Kapelica Gallery Ljubljana, Music Gallery and 7*11 Festival Toronto, RIAP Quebec City, Transforma Torres de Vedra, Centro em Movimento Lisboa, Biennale di Venezia in Budapest, Podwil and Tacheless Arts Centers Berlin, 798 Art Zone Open Art Beijing, Manila Art Biennale Open City.

In collaboration with the Qu├ębec Government Office in Barcelona.