Higo Mental

Higo Mental #10 Fiesta

Within Art Nou festival and Homesession Invited program. 

We think about party as a place of activation of resistances, as a space that gives rise to expand the limits of the possible, identitatively, affectively and relationally. The party: from the squares to the club. What makes it possible? What spaces do you build? And what bodies occupy these spaces? How is it represented on the screen? Higo Mental invites Ikram Bouloum to establish an audiovisual dialogue around the party and its complexities.

Higo Mental (Ricardo Pérez-Hita and Marta Sesé) is a project about feminist interpretation of audiovisual material usurped from internet and active since 2014. A video dialogue between two people or groups in which the alternation of materials creates a critical narrative that questions the system of hegemonic representation.

Ikram Bouloum Sakkali (1993), studied humanities and specialized in modern and contemporary aesthetics. His lines of practical and theoretical research revolve around contemporary music and its imaginaries. He has written for various musical media and took the file of “Clips missed” by Gent Normal for two years. He is part of the collective Nat Yar Exotic Monkey, where he shares the project of “iii” with Isamit Morales from the Club Zen55, and of the musical cooperative l’Afluent, which manages concert hall VOL.