Helena Vinent

Hay una red inmensa, un océano de posibilidades (There is a vast network, an ocean of possibilities)” is a project based on the appropriation of subtitles from science fiction films from different periods. The decontextualised subtitles and their misrepresentation allow the artist to generate a narrative that is traversed by cryp-queer theory and her political positioning as a deaf person. In this way, she speculates on other realities, bodies and imaginaries that allow her to divert attention from the prevailing norms. We experiment with the idea of what is or is not human and the consequences of this conception, starting from the premise that in an ableist society such as the one we live in, the body assigned as disabled is not read as a complete human body. The proposal takes shape as an immersive space where subtitles, intelligible voices and prostheses that break the body intermingle, creating a science fiction environment where the organic and the bionic merge, and the binary notions of ability and disability, presented as political fictions, are diluted.

The installation proposed for Homesession is a collaboration with Natalia García and Roger Serret and Ricou. The music is by Carles Esteban, with his project Astroonom.

Helena Vinent (Barcelona, 1988) has exhibited her work in different spaces, such as La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Mécènes du Sud (Montpellier), the Museu de la Música (Barcelona), the Fran Reus Gallery (Mallorca), the Storm and Drunk space (Madrid), the Embarrat Festival (Tàrrega), the Loop Festival (Barcelona), the Fabra i Coats (Barcelona), and the Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona). He has been artist-in-residence at Fabra i Coats, Hangar and La Escocesa and has won the Sala d’Art Jove Creation Award, the Guasch Coranty Creation Grant, the Hangar Production Grant, the Baumanlab Production Grant, the ICUB Creation and Museum Grant, the Generations Grant from the Montemadrid Foundation and the Grant for Research and Innovation in the Visual Arts from the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Project carried out thanks to the Arts Visuals 2019 Grant from the Fundació Güell.

Texto de presentación de Olivier Collet y Jérôme Lefaure