Geneviève & Matthieu


The Canadian duo of artists Geneviève et Matthieu opened the exhibition Mr. Big at La Capella with a performance.

Mr. Big  is a performative installation created by the artists Geneviève et Matthieu during the duo’s artistic residence during june 2022.

The inspiration for Mr. Big  is a police investigation procedure named after the street slang term for the head of a criminal organisation. This police inquiry method is employed in Canada to obtain a confession to supposed crimes by means of a covert operation in which undercover agents attempt to gain suspects’ trust as a means to elicit a declaration of guilt from them.

Using living sculptures, weapons, candy floss and TV soundscapes, Mr Big  addresses issues such as people’s identity, surveillance, infiltration, the theft of ideas and copying. Through characters in the constant throes of metamorphosis, Geneviève et Matthieu present a contemporary artistic flora.

Mr. Big  stems from ideas related to infiltration and theft, and so the sculptures raise questions about the space occupied by bodies, expanding skins, and simply by existing they examine their relationship with other bodies and their surroundings.

The living sculptures are two large babies who interrupt one another, reproach, attack and love each other. Mr. Big  is a story of appetite, thirst, excesses, but it is also the story of two artists who have succeeded in freeing themselves.

Geneviève et Matthieu. These two artists from Rouyn-Noranda in Abitibi-Témiscamingue (Quebec, Canada) began to work together in the late 1990s. Their work combines art, performance, music and daily life. By playing on interdisciplinarity, from the happening to musical composition, from performance to installation art, this duo creates collective performances as well as stagings of social tableaux that are occasionally festive but always human. Their pieces, now being shown for the first time in Spain, have been performed in Canada, the United States, France and Belgium, among other countries. Geneviève et Matthieu are actively involved in their home community and have been supporting the artist-run L’Écart art centre for over twenty years, as well as the Rouyn-Noranda Performative Art Biennial. They have a critical view of earlier and present-day art movements, expressed through an aesthetic that alludes to DIY culture, as well as an interdisciplinary combination that encompasses both conceptual and performative art.