Full Bloom. Sakshi Gera and Raechel Teitelbaum


“For the two sexes imply a multiplicity of molecular combinations bringing into play not only the man in the woman and the woman in the man, but the relation of each to the animal, the plant, etc.:  a thousand tiny sexes”

(Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus, 1980)


This exhibition explores common interests shared in the work of Sakshi Gera and Raechel Teitelbaum; intimacy, gender, sexuality and nature. The fluid interconnectedness of relationships between friends, lovers, the self which blossoms from the queerness that is nature itself, its thousand tiny sexes in constant relation.

Sakshi Gera’s work materialises in drawing, through repetition and movement she works towards a representation of the human body which transcends sexuality. This repetitive gesture is an action of persistence, in her process her drawings grow like a chant.

This September, same sex marriages were decriminalized in India, where she was born and raised. Colonial rule in India has a major impact on the suppression of sexuality, her proposal wishes to celebrate such achievement, where limits regarding gender, sexuality and multi-partner relationship are being decolonialized.

Raechel Teitelbaum’s interests lie in the versatility, fluidity and non-gender conformity embedded in nature and biology, and the way in which different ecofeminist theories look at queerness within nature. Her proposal uses the potentiality of imagination to shape a four chapter video piece, a segment of a larger project that focuses on the limitlessness possibilities that relationships hold, and the inherent fluidity which allows an ebb between the sexual and the non-sexual, between the friend and the lover, and between the group and the individual.

Sakshi Gera (1992) is a visual artist from India. She works with movement and chant like repetition in her process to create spaces indicative of renewal, transcendence and altered consciousness. Her work encompasses drawings, paintings and sculptures that trace attention to self-awareness, interpersonal and universal connectivity through progression of gestures.

Raechel Teitelbaum is a visual artist from Syracuse, New York who is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Her art practice primarily focuses on video, installation, costume design and performance, using narrative as a basis for the work. Raechel works to create ‘new’ earth ecologies or alternate, futuristic versions of earth to question what is natural and normal in terms of behavior and interaction among humans, plants, animals, and technology, specifically regarding gender, sexuality and magic.

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