Equipo Palomar

Equipo Palomar. Propaganda Queer

Propaganda Queer proposes to use the appropriation of certain tools and strategies of diffusion normally embodied by political and publicity campaigns to spread and express certain demands, contradictions, struggles and drives that occur in theory and practice of queer or gender. Propaganda Queer will be activated on June 22 at 10am in Plaza de la Bella Dorita, in front of El Molino, in the Paral•lel Avenue. During the day Equipo Palomar will carry out a series of street interventions in the neighborhood of Poble Sec (Barcelona). These actions will be the result of sharing the ideas and graphic material generated during two workshops that would be held in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona and in the Independent Studies Program of MACBA. At the same time, it seeks to form  a small digital archive that compiles the various materials sent by different people related to the theme. The aim is to edit these materials and what emerges in the workshops to generate fanzines, flyers, posters, stickers, banners, performances, etc. The result of the interventions (registers, fanzines, graphic material, and audiovisual material) will be exhibited on Monday 26th June at 7 pm at Homesession. The digital download of the file will also be facilitated. For this occasion, Equipo Palomar has collaborated side by side with the artist Belo C. Atance.

Equipo Palomar, integrated by Mariokissme and R. Marcos Mota, is an artistic project focused on the investigation, recovery and production of a possible transfagdyke memory. The Palomar is a working context, a political positioning and an institutional rethinking. Its creators are artists, programmers and curators who generate critical discourses. This queer base laboratory defines its own rhythms, combining multiple identities to modify the ways of working in art  with affection. Some of its most recent works are: No es homosexual simplemente el homófilo sino el cegado por el falo perdido (La Capella, 2016), Hedonismo Crítico (Fundació Joan Miró, 2016) and Fonsarmari i figura per Ismael Smith (Museu Nacional/Sala d’Art Jove, 2015). Other works have been exhibited at Es Baluard (2017), Centro Párraga (2016), SOS 4.8 (2014), Biblioteca MNCARS (2016), Galería Àngels Barcelona (2015). Equipo Palomar was a winner of Concurs d’Arts Visuals Premi Miquel Casablancas 2017.