Daniel De La Barra

Daniel De La Barra

Esto no es un paisaje. Episodio II: Real Expediciòn Botànica

This second phase of the project THIS IS NOT A LANDSCAPE is proposed as a reconstruction of the narrative of landscape from its pictorial representation that sustains and perpetuates extractive logics and practices through the image.

Through a re-edition of the illustrated catalogues of the Botanical Expeditions and the paintings of travelling artists in Latin America between the 17th and 19th centuries, a review of the current social and environmental conflicts derived from extractivism is established.

Daniel De La Barra (Lima, Peru.1992) moves between painting, installation and public intervention, focusing his work on the re-construction of narratives in societies within the homogenisation of the public landscape and the hierarchical imposition of powers of domination within the framework of colonial capitalism. He began his studies in 2012 at the Escuela de Arte Contemporáneo Corriente Alterna (Lima, Peru) until 2014, when he moved to Madrid to continue his painting studies.

He has carried out artistic residencies at La Escocesa Fabrica de creaciò, Piramidon Centre d’art Contemporani, Homesession and The Nerdrum School (Sweden). He has developed several exhibition projects and interventions such as “Pròxima Obertura” at Montjuic Castle, “Esc-Out” at Fabra i Coats Centre de Arte Contemporani, “Consideraciones de la Civdad Moderna” at Sala d’Art Jove and Lo Pati within the Bienal de Amposta, “Paisajes Deseados” at Arts Santa Mónica, “Subversió: Habitando Ruinas” at El Born CCM or “Invation 30230” at Museo Central de Lima. In 2018 and 2019 he has received the Research and Experimentation Grant from La Escocesa, the Young Art Prize of Catalonia 2019 (Sala d’Art Jove) and in 2021 to develop his project “Real Expedición Botánica” in collaboration with La Panera de Lleida and Lo Pati.

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