Carlos Valverde

Stronghold is the title of the latest project of Carlos Valverde (Cáceres, 1987), carried out in co-production between the Fundació Arranz Bravo, Homesession and school Sant Jaume de la FEP L’Hospitalet. Valverde has produced three large forts in three different locations, the viewer is invited to discover. To participate in the project the artist invites visitors to register on one of three work teams and follow instructions.

Valverde’s work is not to be contemplated. It is to be lived and experienced. The viewer is not placed in front of the work, but penetrates inside and becomes part of it. Stronghold needs the public’s help to be observed, discovering the hidden paths and experiences that lie behind the project. A metaphor that proposes art a structure of defense against lige. Each of the decisions and actions that the viewer develops implementing in the fort’s interior will move them forward or backward in their goal: finding what lies down the road.