CRASH PAD / Performance Sergi Botella

CRASH PAD / Performance Sergi Botella

CRASH PAD / Performance Sergi Botella

12 de marzo, 19h

*aforo limitado se recomienda puntualidad.

Imagen de Violeta Mayoral


Performance de Sergi Botella que une la oralidad y el esfuerzo físico a partir de un texto semi-autobiográfico, fragmentado y poliédrico.

Un crash pad es un colchón portátil para practicar escalada en bloque al aire libre, pero que, en la práctica, puede acoger cualquier otro tipo de caída, física o emocional. En este caso, también hace alusión a otras constantes en la obra de Sergi Botella: por un lado, a los accidentes de coche, las gafas rotas y las caídas en profundidad. Por el otro, el de los pads, la escritura o la música electrónica.

Con la colaboración de: Foment Excursionista de Barcelona, Caterina Almirall y Violeta Mayoral.

Actualmente el trabajo de Sergi Botella (Terrassa, 1976)  toma forma en presentaciones performáticas, texto y sonido.  Un ejercicio a medio camino entre la electrónica sonora y la remezcla vivencial. Utiliza su entorno afectivo, así como lo próximo y cotidiano para provocar nuevas situaciones desde lo íntimo, reordenado el conjunto de posibilidades. Sus explicaciones ejemplificadas fluyen en una atmósfera cargada de mentiras autosugestionadas y de los relatos más honestos que se sujetan unos a otros.



Performance de Sergi Botella que uneix l’oralitat i l’esforç físic a partir d’un text semi-autobiogràfic, fragmentat i polièdric.

Un crash pad és un matalàs portàtil per a practicar escalada en bloc a l’aire lliure, però que, a la pràctica, pot acollir qualsevol altre tipus de caiguda, física o emocional. En aquest cas, també fa al·lusió a altres constants en l’obra de Sergi Botella: per un costat, els accidents de cotxe, les ulleres trencades i les caigudes en profunditat. Per l’altre, el dels pads, l’escriptura o la música electrònica.

Amb la col·laboració de: Foment Excursionista de Barcelona, ​​Caterina Almirall i Violeta Mayoral.

Actualment el treball de Sergi Botella (Terrassa, 1976) pren forma en presentacions performàtiques, text i so. Un exercici a mig camí entre l’electrònica sonora i la remescla vivencial. Utilitza el seu entorn afectiu, així com el proper i quotidià per provocar noves situacions des de l’íntim, reordenat el conjunt de possibilitats. Les seves explicacions exemplificades flueixen en una atmosfera carregada de mentides autosugestionadas i dels relats més honestos que subjecten uns als altres.

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Certain kinds of trash


MAX-O-MATIC__ ”Certain kinds of trash” __12.02.15 – 21.02.15__

de 16,30 a 20h, de lunes a sábado C/ Creu dels Molers 15, Bcn

”Certain kinds of trash” es la primera exposición individual que Max-O-matic realiza con me & the curiosity y que se inscribe dentro del programa “Invited” de Homesession. A partir del día 12 y hasta el 21 de febrero se puede visitar la exposición en la calle Creu dels Molers 15 de Barcelona.

1. __Charla__ con __Valentín Roma__ “Los ángulos muertos del collage: de Hanna Höch a Osvaldo Lamborghini” – __18 de febrero a las 19,30h__

2. __Taller__ de collage con Max-O-matic – Sábado 21 de febrero a las 16,30h – información en

Las dos actividades se realizaran en la sede de Homesession en la calle Creu dels Molers 15 de Barcelona.



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Desertion of Ideological Circuits

Desertion of Ideological Circuits To perform this piece the artist __Martín Rico__ has extracted his fingerprints from the right hand through a process of scarification or skin removal. Extractions for each finger have been stuffed and framed for sale through an auction which will be held in Homesession __October the 1st at 19.00 h__. The project explores the possibility of pricing and marketing something that supposedly defines us as unique individuals. Moreover it questions the identity as something pre-checked and built by a number of institutions that guarantee certain social construction. The individuals do not produce their identity rather they assimilate them. Scarification sessions reveal the absurdity where there is a long and painful healing process that does not alter the fingerprint traces since they regrow exactly alike. This activity is part of the Pica i Fuig! program of the Sala d’Art Jove 2014

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Orders of things, Ely Daou & Miguel Lope Inumerable


”Orders of things” gathers pieces by Lebanese artist Ely Daou and Filipino artist Miguel Lope Inumerable, in the framework of a collaboration with the international workshop of the Metáfora Art School in Barcelona. It focuses on our relation which what is already there and the way we try to both rely on this context and develop a higher autonomy.

Ely Daou’s sculptures and installation represent and generate conflicts with what our rationality assume as perennial evidence or stable order of things. Looking for how to approach the point where the stability is lost, Ely Daou works with the figure of risk as the one that provides a permanente bounce to our vital dynamics.

Normativity is a raw material of the work of Miguel Lope Inumerable, which is based mainly on drawing and expanded drawing. The installation Automation questions the set of guidelines that structures arts education and its scale of valuation. It opens thus a helpful crisis versus the belief in an established order and it does so with a subtle irony that significantly enhances its critical potential.

Opening: Friday, November 15th, 18h00-21h00

On view: November 15 (6-9 pm) and November 16 (5-7.30 pm)

C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona. Metro Poble Sec

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The Evidence of Things Not Seen.

“The Evidence of Things Not Seen”. Damaso Reyes & Diane Sylvester The manifestation of faith or rather, its performance as evidence of the unknowable is the starting point for Damaso Reyes & Diane Sylvester’s exhibition “The Evidence of Things Not Seen.” The show explores how belief is experienced by individuals and groups in The United States and Europe as well as the dialectic between its intimate nature and the more expansive community that faith builds through the external presentation of internal experiences. Diane Sylvester’s video installation “Jesus Man” documents the steps of an individual who has become over the course of twenty years both a local institution and a street evangelist. Through his daily routine “Jesus Man” is a catalyst of community for what would otherwise be a disconnected and isolated collection of individuals in New York’s Manhattan Valley neighborhood. Through this visual and aural experience Diane shares the ritual nature of a religious “performance” that over time exceeds its spiritual starting point. Damaso Reyes presents an audio and photographic work “Speaking in Tongues” which is based on two years of documentary research examining the rites of Pentecostal churches in Catalonia, England and Ukraine. The images and sound explored how deeply personal and transcendental experiences of prayer is manifested in public expressions of faith. His still images from Spain, England and Ukraine are juxtaposed with the recorded sounds of Pentecostal worship services in Catalonia to allow the audience to temporarily witness how this faith is experienced by some of its most devout adherents. Damaso Reyes



Diane Sylvester



Homesession, C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona

Ver mapa más grande

from 25/07 to 27/07 – 2013

from 5PM to 7.30PM and by appointment

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An attempt to make perceptible the imperceptible. Jordi Ferreiro.

“__[An attempt to make perceptible the imperceptible|/03_news/2012-12-12/jordi-ferreiro.html]__” has been conceived by __Jordi Ferreiro__ for his solo show at homesession as a site-specific installation that would change radically the perception of the exhibition space, while giving a form to different theories and thinkings that have investigated and understood the museum as a place for experience in the fields of the history of art, the institutionnal critique or the education.

__[Jordi Ferreiro| alt=”jordi ferreiro]__ (Barcelona,1982) works between the lines that divide art and education using collaborative practices with people from different ages and backgrounds. His projects are presented as games to think, learn and have fun.

Opening: [Wednesday, December 19, 2012. 19h30| alt=”ferreiro facebook]

Timetable: from 04/01 to 26/01 – Wed to Sat, 5pm to 7.30 pm.

Place: Homesession, C/ Creu dels Molers 15. 08004 Barcelona

”Homesession will be closed from 20/12 to 03/01.”

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“blank, black, back”. By Fran Meana

All images and objects in “[blank, black, back| alt=”blank, black, back]” are the result of an exchange, a collaboration or a more or less failed negotiation. The exhibition is a game between the continuous decision making, the questioning of authorship as an individual process, the desire to remain open to the unexpected and the need to retain some control. During the exhibition period, new pieces will be added till its closure on 28/11.

__Fran Meana__ (Avilés, 1982) graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Vigo. He currently lives and works in Rotterdam, after studying at the Piet Zwart Institute. His work explores the forms of power and social rituals, analyzing the relationship between production forms, symbols, images and construction of the collective imagination. He mostly bases on recent events, adding new data, elements of fiction or deliberately erroneous readings, generating new objects, situations or texts. He has participated in group exhibitions such as “A Map of misreading” in TENT Rotterdam, “Somewhere Else” in [Nogueras Blanchard|”>, “First of all” in CA2M Móstoles, “Based on a true story” in the ARTIUM, “Everything is out there” in The Burning House, “89 miles.” at MARCO Vigo or “Bringing up knowledge” in the Laboratory 987 MUSAC.

Opening: Friday, November 16, 2012. 19h30.

Open from 16/11 to 30/11/2012, from Wed to Sat, 17h-19h30

C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona.

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Jardín. a project by Rafa Castañer

Homesession invites you to the opening of Jardín, a project conceived by Rafael Castañer (Barcelona, 1971) for the InvitedOneDay program. Rafael Castañer has always maintained a strong connection between his creative practive as an artist, teacher, illustrator and other life experiences: it’s under these auspices that he wants to share the “Jardín” project.

The exhibition is presented as an expanded narrative of an approach to the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Pictures and videos created in a collaborative process bring the viewer into the artist’s investigations on the role of creation in the invention of oneself and in the way we relate to the world.

Opening, September 5 at 20h

Homesession Studio C / Creu dels Molers, 15 Metro Poble Sec, Barcelona

from __Sept 5 till Oct 18__. from Wed to Sat, from 17h to 19h30.

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