Ely Daou / Hide To Seek…An August In Homesession

Ely Daou / Hide To Seek…An August In Homesession

The artist Ely Daou has completed his month-long residency at Homesession working on his performance project “Hide To Seek”

“Hide To Seek…An August In Homesession”

If someone is in hiding, they have secretly gone somewhere where they cannot be seen or found.
Hide and Seek helps the child conquer his fear of autonomy and separation, it gives him a platform to feel powerful endures through time.

In another part, hiding might be a tool used for avoiding social anxiety, escaping danger, and for seeking safety, such as nowadays, during the pandemic.

Hiding in unfamiliar spaces, sets up a chain of exploration, familiarization and understanding of the physical world in the space and its psychological effect on us.

“Hide To Seek…An August In Homesession” is a series of five actions performed to an unaware audience: the Pedestrians passing by the street; and documented from a third perspective point of view: the Camcorder.
It consists of me Hiding for 3 consecutive hours each time, by using personal and found objects within the space. With no one attempting to seek me (simply because no one is aware of me playing), this game is transformed to a certain form of a punishment. My body goes through phases of uncomfortableness and pain, until it starts to merge with the architectural layout, becoming a physical extension of the furniture/objects.
This “in between space” is then altered into a space of seeking the own-self while witnessing in a way my own-self absence.

This work examines the limits and borders of my social anxiety, furthermore it raises questions concerning the future of performance art; the relation between the artist-audience and the role of documentation in live-art, during and post pandemic era.

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HOMESESSION convida artistes balears a sol·licitar una residència de dos mesos en BELGRAD, SÈRBIA

HOMESESSION convida artistes balears a sol·licitar una residència de dos mesos en BELGRAD, SÈRBIA

HOMESESSION, amb al suport del Institut Ramon LLull convida artistes balears a sol·licitar una residència de dos mesos en BELGRAD, SÈRBIA durant setembre i octubre de 2020.

Mari Jo Ribas, Belgrad, 2019

La convocatòria és part del programa de col·laboració EXCHANGE entre Belgrade Artist in Residence i Homesession en Barcelona. El programa va arrencar en 2018 i hi van participar els artistes Stanko Gargçín (Sèrbia), Marko Stojanovic'(Sèrbia), Joan David Galindo (Catalunya) I Mari Jo Riba (Balears).
L’objectiu d’aquesta col·laboració és per fomentar la professionalització, la visibilitat, i el creixement artístic dels artistes serbis i balears.

El jurat compost per: Olivier Collet, Danilo Pioli (Homesession) i Gordana Žikić (Belgrade Artist in Residence), seleccionarà un/a artista per passar dos mesos al centre Belgrade Artist in Residence.

El termini per a aplicació és el 10 de maig de 2020 @ 23:59.

La convocatòria es dirigeix a artistes balears (40 anys màxim): (l’artista ha de ser originari de les illes Balears o viure actualment allà.)
>És requerit nivell d’anglès suficient per treballar
>L’artista és responsable de les despeses de viatge
>L’artista seleccionat rebrà allotjament per part de B.A.I.R. durant setembre i octubre 2020
>Homesession pagarà a l’artista 2.000€ ( impostos inclosos) en concepte d’honoraris i despeses de producció (es requereix una factura)
>L’artista podrà organitzar una exhibició o bé una presentació del seu treball

Requisits candidatures:
>Carta de motivacions (600 paraules màxim)
>Declaració d’intencions
>Artist Statement
>CV o biografia (el límit és 1-2 pàgines)
>links a web site, vídeos, projectes, etc.
>Les candidatures s’han de lliurar en anglès

Les candidatures (un sol document PDF, màxim 5MB) es tramitaran per e-mail amb l’assumpte: “Convocatòria Belgrad” a: info@homesession.org

Bases Catatà

Bases English

*Amb el suport de

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Janosch Jauch, artist in residence during March and April 2020

Janosch Jauch, artist in residence during March and April 2020

We welcome the new artist in residence at Homesession during the months of March and April: Janosch Jauch

Janosch Jauch (*1985 Karlsruhe, Germany) lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. He graduated in sculpture and painting at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf 2014, under the teaching of Georg Herold, Andreas Gursky and Ludger Schwarte
He has shown his work at Galeria Joan Prats (2019, Barcelona), Kunsthaus Essen (2019), Bistrot21 (2018, Leipzig), Storage Capacité (2018, Berlin), Swab (2018, Barcelona), Espositivo (2018, Madrid), Museum Kunstpalast (2013, Düsseldorf), among other places.


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4_4_2019 Kay Schuttel, Stand by (Durational live performance)

4_4_2019 Kay Schuttel, Stand by (Durational live performance)

Kay Schuttel: Stand by

Durational live performance                                        

Homesession, April 4th 19h – 20h

stand by – definition and synonyms

[INTRANSITIVE] [OFTEN PROGRESSIVE] to be ready to do something

[INTRANSITIVE] to not take action when you should

Kay Schuttel (1985) is an Amsterdam-based artist whose work explores the evolution of corporeal vocabularies and the intersection between choreography and visual art. Schuttel has recently exhibited her work in DITS Gallery, Amsterdam (NL), Spazio Fico, Milan (IT), Viafarini, Milan (IT) and Vermont Studio Center, Vermont (US). Upcoming show at the Festival del Silenzio, Milan (IT), Residency in Homesession, Barcelona (ES) and Residency in Cripta747, Turin (IT). She is a tutor at the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), where she is currently head of an Elective in Time-based media.


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Open Call Exchange Residency in Belgrade (Serbia)

Open Call Exchange Residency in Belgrade (Serbia)

Homesession lanza una convocatoria dirigidas a artistas catalanes (o residentes en Cataluña) para la realización de una residencia artística en Belgrade Air Project, Belgrado (Serbia).


La convocatoria se enmarca en un intercambio entre Belgrade Air Project  y Homesession y tiene como objetivo impulsar la movilidad de artistas y promover el conocimiento y la interacción entre los agentes del sector artístico de ambos contextos. Este nuevo programa de intercambio de Homesession ha empezado en 2018 con la residencia en Barcelona del artista serbio Stanko Gagrčin durante marzo y abril de 2018.


  • Fecha límite de envió de candidaturas: 20 de mayo de 2018.
  • Fallo del jurado: junio de 2018.
  • Duración de la residencia: 2 meses, octubre y noviembre de 2018.

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Lola Gonzàlez. 2 films.


Lola Gonzalez, current resident at homesession will present her latest work and a video realized in Barcelona. Thank to Nook Nook for hosting the event. THURSDAY 30 OCTOBER 2014, 20h [NOOK – Poble Sec|http://nookpoblesec.wordpress.com] C/ NOU DE LA RAMBLA 143 BARCELONA Whether writing, producing, or the choice to work with their friends, Lola Gonzàlez works called authenticity, spontaneity and fluidity using constructed and simple visual forms. From the individual to the common, her work questions about the power of the collective, and its limits. This programme is a collaboration with __[art 3|http://www.art-3.org/art-contemporain/”>__ (Valence) and receive the support of the [Région Rhône-Alpes|http://www.rhonealpes.fr/”>.

Lola Gonzàlez, born in 1988. Lives in Paris.

selected projects:

Sept 2014 “Conspirations, des conspirations” Sparkasse, Leipzig

June 2014 “All that falls”, Palais de Tokyo, exposición colectiva

Feb 2014 “Adieu tristesse..” La Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec

Jan 2014 “Qui boira de ce vin là, boira le sang des copains” Hors-pistes, Centre G. Pompidou

[Programme|https://www.facebook.com/events/293571387512814/”>: “Winter is coming” 48 min, Vidéo couleur HD, stéréo Août 2014

“TV Pirata” 6 min, Vidéo couleur HD, stéréo Octobre 2014 Réalisation : Lola Gonzàlez Musique Originale : Jérémie Prat Actors : Ariadna Parreu, Ico Mateo, Antoni Hervas Cortes, Quim Packard Actors / Singers : Ariadna Parreu, Ico Mateo, Antoni Hervas Cortes, Quim Packard, Bárbara Sánchez, Oriol Fontdevila, Estel Boada Ibern, Beatriz Fuentes Sanchez, Pau MF, Fito Conesa, David Bestué, Anna Pahissa, Consol Llupià, Néstor Català Serra, Marie Charlotte

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Wheels of Desire. Gabrielle Le Bayon


“Art Will not disappear into nothingness; it will disappear into everything. ” Julio Garcia Espinosa, Imperfect Cinema.

”Wheels of Desire” is the project that has been developed by Gabrielle Le Bayon during her residency at Homesession. The project focuses on the relation between the daily production and consumption of images on one hand, and our own relationship to reality and to our physical, geographical and metaphorical environment on the other hand. The artist statement underlines that “billions of pictures orbit in cyber space. Together they form a sentence that speaks a collective and communal, personal and informal meaning. Neither original nor immortal, they are the flow of time and swirls of thousands of individual realities and personal truths.” The project, based on the own accumulative practice of the artist, questions the way this hyper consumption shape the physical and conceptual places with which we connect.

Event on Facebook. Opening: Wed, June 25th, 2014 – 19:30 Homesession, C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona

Ver mapa más grandeexhibition: till 27/06, by appointment only.

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I mistook a squid in its ink for the moon in the night. Chika Matsuda


We’re pleased to present “I mistook a squid in its ink for the moon in the night”, a project developed by Chika Matsuda (Nagano) during her residency at Homesession. In the different works that compose the project as well as in the title, Chika Matsuda goes into play on the relation between physicality and abstraction of language. Focusing on the way our voice obeys to cultural patterns, the artist leads an unending investigation to abrade the natural and rational features we assign to the use we make of the body into language. Tongues, spits, noises, uncontrolled swallowing and saliva and collective recitations evokes into sculptures, drawing and video, this research and a possibly alternative grammatical patterns to our perception.
Opening: Friday, April 25th, 2014 – 19:00

Homesession : [C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona|https://maps.google.es/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=es&geocode=&q=creu+dels+molers+15+barcelona+homesession&aq=&sll=41.373717,2.161903&sspn=0.051656,0.06609&vpsrc=0&gl=es&g=Carrer+de+la+Creu+dels+Molers,+15,+08004+Barcelona,+Catalunya&ie=UTF8&t=m&z=14&iwloc=A&cid=15402657301804043924 alt=”map homesession]

exhibition: 29/04 + 30/04, 16h-19h30

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REC/PLAY: Installation and serie of performances by Thessia Machado

Homesession presents __REC/PLAY__, a project by resident artist <a href=”http://www.thessiamachado.com”>Thessia Machado</a>: REC/PLAY is an installation/instrument built of assorted components harvested from mostly obsolete technologies and toys. The core of the piece is a stripped down double cassete-deck with motor and spindle mechanism. Fabric belts fan out of the rotating spindles and into the space to activate an assortment of sound generating elements – rustling paper, ringing glass jars, tapped wood; teasing out from humble materials their inherent musicality.

Different sonic possibilities of this instrument will be explored in series of collaborative improvised performances with sound artists and experimental musicians.

Each performance will take place at 8pm and will last approx. 1/2 hour. You’re requested to be puntual. Limited capacity.

Homesession [C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona|https://maps.google.es/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=es&geocode=&q=creu+dels+molers+15+barcelona+homesession&aq=&sll=41.373717,2.161903&sspn=0.051656,0.06609&vpsrc=0&gl=es&g=Carrer+de+la+Creu+dels+Molers,+15,+08004+Barcelona,+Catalunya&ie=UTF8&t=m&z=14&iwloc=A&cid=15402657301804043924]

-> NOVEMBER 8 Maitane Beaumont

-> NOVEMBER 9 Wú:: Collective http://wucollective.com/

-> NOVEMBER 10 Lolo & Sosaku http://www.loloysosaku.com/

”BIO: Thessia Machado was born in Brazil and now lives and works in NY. Her work investigates the physicality of sound and its effect on our perception of space. In sculptures and interactive installations that have a real-time, live component, the expressive potential is still active and changeable. As a extension of this practice, and under the moniker “link”, she’s performs electronic and electro-acoustic experimental music with hand-made and modified instruments.”

”Thessia’s installations and video pieces have been exhibited in New York, London, Philadelphia, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin and Athens. She has been awarded residencies at Homesession, Barcelona, the NARS Foundation, NY, I-Park, MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Vermont Studio Center and is a recipient of fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts, The Experimental Television Center and The Bronx Museum.”

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EU Bird Migration Authority, a project by Ian Alan Paul

We’re pleased to invite you to the opening of the project developed by San Francisco-based Artist [Ian Alan Paul|http://www.ianalanpaul.com|en|Ian Alan Paul] during his residency. The artist has produced a fictional EU Agency entitled “The EU Bird Migration Authority”, a fake EU border-security agency specifically tasked with monitoring, controlling and apprehending migrant bird populations. Please join us on Monday, August 26th to see documents, videos, and texts from the agency at the Homesession studio.

More about the EU Bird Migration Authority: “The Bird Migration Authority is a project of the European Union that aims to monitor and mitigate the ongoing migration of non-native bird populations between EU member states and neighboring countries. Using state of the art surveillance and tracking technologies, the EU-BMA not only monitors migrating bird flocks across North Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, but also uses predictive algorithms to assist in the apprehension and reduction of foreign species. Tracking and managing the bird populations across the E.U. member states will serve to better protect the European Economy, Ecology, and Society from the threats posed by unregulated migrating bird flocks.”

A website accompanying the exhibition ([www.birdmigrationauthority.net|www.birdmigrationauthority.net|en|EU Bird Migration Authority]) will be launched on August 26th, the day of the opening.

Opening: Monday, August 26th, 19:30

Exhibition: 26/08 -> 31/08, 17:00-19:30 and by appointment

C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona. Metro Poble Sec

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