Pedro Moraes: Artist in residence April-May 2016

Our new Homesession resident, Pedro Moraes, will be here for the whole of April and May undertaking many different kinds of projects. Some will be collaborative listening sessions. Pedro Moraes interrogates the latent political and social forces implicit in the world designed around us. Working with no signature style, form, or medium, the artist instead approaches each exhibition site by carefully considering its context, history, and relations.






Egon Van Herreweghe
30 July 2015, from 19:30 to 23.00

C. Creu dels Molers, 15 baixos.
08004 Barcelona.

Am I less of an intruder when I echo the past?

Every building has a list of previous owners and businesses it housed. Some were there from early on, others more recently or even temporary. In this specific case, the Homesession artspace premisses used to be home to a Dominican hairdresser. I’m not sure why they left but more likely it’s because of increased rent due to gentrification rather than retirement.

Attracted by the mechanism and pulse behind this constant city renewal, I want to create a site-specific work that explores this tendency. Take for example the flourishing bar scene in the Poble Sec neighbourhood and the nostalgic identity they radiate. Besides a tailor made echo from the past these cosmopolitan bars express a lifestyle.

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