Guillaume La Brie at CIRCA Contemporary Art Center, Montreal

« L’exposition en cours » held at [CIRCA Contemporary Art Center||en] (Montreal) is an experimental project, which consists in a dialogue between three creation process to create a coherent final work. This work will deal with the unexpected situations that can generate a collaboration between [Guillaume La Brie|tag:Guillaume La Brie], who usually introduces modifications in the exhibition space, Edouard Pretty who works on the marks we let through our actions, and Eric Cardinal who generates original installations through the accumulation of modified objects. The goal of « L’exposition en cours » is not to present each of those three works but to force the artists to look for a consensus between each of their creations to find a result which would be satsfying on an aesthetic point of view for all of them. This project is above all a system based on a relation between different and special visual experiences.

The idea is not to create a work as a team or to reach an expected result but to set the creation against the absence of any controlled order or rythm as each artist is depending on the works made by the other ones. The only security is the one of the materials and tools we use as well as the one the artist enjoy during his own creation process. Where: CIRCA, Montreal, 372 rue Ste Catherine O. espace 444

When: till december 20th, opening on december 13th (from 5 to 8 pm)

Guillaume La Brie is one of the artist presented on the homesession site: [Guillaume La Brie’s page|/02_artists/artist_GuillaumeLaBrie.html|en].

Ramón Guimaraes’ performance for Espace Ample’s 5th anniversary – 27/11

Espace Ample opens a complete retrospective exhitibion after 5 years presenting projects and exhitions with chinese and asian contemporary artists as well as emerging spanish and international artists. The [MADE IN CHINA||sp] exhibition highlights these experimentations through a selection of essential art works from projects such as Cartoon Generation, Transfashionlab, Barcelona-París-Pekín, Zhù Yì or Proyecto Género for example. The opening of the exhibition is planned to be a very special event, with 3 performances: – [Christian Escribà||en] has conceived the opening performance

– [Ramón Guimaraes|../02_artists/artist_RamonGuimaraes.html|en] presents his Vernissage performance

– [Mariokissme||es] will also present a special action ((/03_blog/public/./.web-madeinchina_m.jpg” alt=”web-madeinchina.jpg”/> Where: Espace Ample, Barcelona

When: November 27th, 20h

Julie Guiches: interactive installations for Smartival, Brussels – 26/11-29/11

[Julie Guiches|../02_artists/artist_JulieGuiches.html|en] presents a new Electrochoc Pictures Studio for the 10th Brussels SMartival. Several [interactive actions|tag:interactive actions] and workshops realized in collaboration with art groups such as [Chez Jacky|tag:Chez Jacky] or [OST Collective|tag:OST Collective] will offer to the people a poetic platform to express themselves in an unknown way. ((/03_blog/public/electrochoc.png|Electrochoc alt=”Electrochoc/> OST Collective propose 3 photographic workshops: – [Chez Jacky ||fr]: a skin-head lobster or your head decorated with a green net will be one of the proposals of the night. You can get a new skin there…

– Electrochoc by [OST||fr]: an emotional photoelectric session

– Geometric by [OST||fr]: interactive universe in which you are blended with cube, triangles, rectangles and their geometric homologous through lineal transformations till you’ve reached a totally new graphic structure.

Where: [Brussels|tag:Brussels], Pathé Palace When: from november 26th to november 29th at 8th pm.

Ramon Guimaraes in Paris LGBT Festival (Curator Pascal Lievre) – 11/11/08

[RAMON GUIMARAES|/02_artists/artist_RamonGuimaraes.html|en] was invited by Pascal Lievre to form part of the video sample he will present in the framework of the [contemporary art section of the 14th Paris’ LGBT film festival||en] – ”Un autre cinéma”. The festival’s organizers have given Pascal Lièvre a ”carte blanche” for a programm in which he would invite artists to collaborate. Ramon Guimaraes will present in Paris the [Identity Code|tag:Identity Code] video, in a programm which includes works by Pascal Lièvre, Lydie Jean-Dit-Panel, Michael Cross, Jérôme Legoff, Benny Nemerovsky Ramsay, Yvette Neliaz, Mihaï Grecu, Carlos Franklin, Stephen Sarrazin, Olivier Lemort, Kael T. Block. ((/02_artists/images/RamonGuimaraes_IDENTITY_CODE_PHOTO.jpg”/> Where: Cinema Le Rex, Paris When: 11/11 at 6 pm. Ramon Guimaraes is one of the artist presented on the homesession site: [Ramon Guimaraes’ page|/02_artists/artist_RamonGuimaraes.html|en].

Sebastian Christoffel in NO BORDERS (Just N.E.W.S.*), Valencia (Spain) 8/11-15/12

[SEBASTIAN CHRISTOFFEL’s|/02_artists/artist_sebastianchristoffel.html|en] video work is going to be shown in Algemesí Museum (Valencia – Spain) in a collective exhibition organized by the [AICA||en] (International Association of Arts Critics), which gathers works by 29 recent graduates from art schools in 22 European countries. The exhibition [No Borders (Just N.E.W.S.*)|tag:No Borders (Just N.E.W.S.*)] arrives in Spain after two previous stops at la Centrale Électrique of Brussels (Belgium) and the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki (Greece) in coincidence with the XLII AICA Congress that will take place in the IVAM (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern) of Valencia between the 7th and the 9th November. The exhibition is divided in two different spaces: Grupo Forja in Valencia (11 installations) and the Museu Valencià de la Festa in Algemesí (18 installations). Nonetheless Valencia and Algemesí won’t be the only Spanish cities receiving this exhibition, as it will also travel to the Faculty of Arts in neighbouring Cuenca. ((/02_artists/images/sebastianchristoffel09.jpg”/> ++List of artists:++ __Museu de la Festa, Algemesí__ Kristoffer Akselbo (Denmark) Nina Canell (Sweden/Ireland) David Cantera (Spain) Sebastian Christoffel (Germany/ The Netherlands) Coolturistes (Lithuania) Marjan Denkov (Macedonia) Brendan Earley (Ireland) Willehad Eilers (Germany/ The Netherlands) Erica Eyres (Canada/United Kingdom) Tellervo Kalleinen (Finland) Ulrike Knorr (Germany/ Belgium) Kristina Müntzing (Sweden) Katerina Sedá(Czech Republic) Ivana Smiljanic (Serbia) Mayra Vázquez (Spain) Babis Venetopoulos (Greece) Pernille With Madsen (Denmark) Zorka Wollny (Poland) __Grupo Forja, Valencia__ Ece Burgaz (Turkey) Rudy Decelière (France/Switzerland) Kristina Draskovic (Serbia) Merike Estna (Estonia) David Ferrando Giraut (Spain) Caroline Froissart (France) Simon Hitziger (France) Maria Lusitano (Portugal) Ailbhe Ní Bhriain (Ireland) Randi Nygard (Norway) Lala Rascic (Croatia) ++Curatorial Team:++ Henry Meyric Hughes President of AICA Ramon Tió Bellido Secretary General of AICA, Chief Curator Alexandra Gillet General Assistant to the Curatorial Team Maité Beguiristain Vice President of AICA Toni Calderón President of AVCA Julio Blasco the Director of Museu de la Festa (Algemesí) Alejandro Villar Head of the Museu de la Festa (Algemesí) Sebastian Christoffel was the homesession 6th resident: – [Sebastian Christoffel residency|/07_residencies/sebastianchristoffel_residency.html|en] – [Sebastian Christoffel homesession page|/02_artists/artist_sebastianchristoffel.htm|en]

Julie Guiches in residency for les Brigittines Art Center, Brussels – 10/11-15/11

[JULIE GUICHES|/02_artists/artist_JulieGuiches.html|en] will collaborate with [Benoît Lorent|tag:Benoît Lorent], curator and art director of the [[Scénographies Numériques – Digital scenography||en] for Les Brigittines, the Art venue in [Brussels|tag:Brussels] for creation in the fields of Movement and Dance. ((/03_blog/public/./.Corpsurbain2_m.jpg” alt=”Corps Urbains 2 alt=”Corps Urbains 2/> ((/03_blog/public/./.corpsurbain1_m.jpg” alt=”Corps Urbains 1 alt=”Corps Urbains 1/> Thanks to an international residence of about ten days, julie will cooperate with several artists on a collective prupose, that will combine video, photography, dance and live painting. Each part will be a special creation for this event. This [collective creation|tag:collective creation] will be the basis for a digital scenery design, which will cover Les Brigittines with a digital ‘skin’ for two nights. A similar event will also be organized for one whole night at the Brussels’ Congrès Train Station. This event will gather creations of [Boris Edelstein||en] (Switzerland, video), [Julie Guiches|tag:Julie Guiches] (France, photo-graphic designer), [Ilan Katin||en] (USA, live video performance and animation), [Joanie Lemercier & Olivier Ratsi||en] (graphic installations and video animation). The Where: BRUSSELS, Les [Brigittines|tag:Brigittines] Art Center / Congrès Train Station. When: November 10th to november 15th 2008 You can download the [programm||en] Julie Guiches was the second homesession resident: – [Julie Guiches Residency|/02_artists/artist_JulieGuiches.html|en] – [Julie Guiches homesession page|/07_residencies/julieguiches_residency.html|en]