Artist Joao Torres at Can Felipa Civic Center, Barcelona.

((/03_blog/public/joao.jpg”/> Danilo Pioli [||es] and homesession present visual artist__ Joao Torres__ at Can Felipa Civic Center, Barcelona. Opening of the photography exhibition and first screening, in the presence of the artist Thursday __3rd of June 2010 at 7:30 PM__ more info : [|/03_news/05_2010_newsletter.html|en] Can Felipa from 3/06/2010 to 16/07/2010 c/Pallars, Nº277 08005 Barcelona Tel. 932 563 840 opening time: from tuesday to friday : 5 to 9 PM saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM; sunday and monday, closed

London: Oreet Ashery’s presentation at Tate Modern, 25/11. Save the date!

To launch their new experimental graphic novel, The Novel of Nonel and Vovel (Charta, 2009), artists Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour present live performances and video works, followed by a discussion with curators Reem Fadda and Nat Muller. Part two – presentations and Q&A

Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour present their project.

Nat Muller will discuss the front cover of The Novel of Nonel and Vovel in relation to representation, perception, artistic agency and authorship.

Reem Fadda will discuss temporal logics related to the Palestinian-Israeli context, urban military warfare, history making and breaking, meta-nationalism

Q&A chaired by Stuart Comer

Where: Tate Modern Starr Auditorium

When: 25/11

François-Xavier Courrèges: My night video projection for Nuit Blanche, Paris

[François-Xavier Courrèges||en] will show his video “[My night||en]” during the parisian artistic event “[Nuit Blanche||en]”: this piece, created in 2008, will be installed in the Forum des Halles, which is known as an underground transit hub. It will introduce, through a simple and obsessing video, a sentimental and nostalgic touch in this special place.


The music was created by the group “[That Summer||en]”.

When: October 3, 7PM to 2AM

Where: Allée Jules Supervielle, Paris-Forum des Halles

Presentation of Beatrix Reinhardt’s work @ homesession

The photographer Beatrix Reinhardt, current resident at homesession, Barcelona, will present her work Friday the 21st of August 2009 from 7 PM to 9 PM. Confirmation required via email. ((/03_blog/public/flyerBeatrix.jpg” alt=”flyer Beatrix Reinhardt|C|flyer Beatrix Reinhardt/>

Aggtelek at Labor Gallery, Budapest, June 27th

When Necessity becomes the norm (a poor restrospective) is the title of the new show of [Aggtelek||en]. It will be presented at the [Labor Gallery||hu], in Budapest from June 26th to July 27th.

((/03_blog/public/./.crosstalk1_m.jpg” alt=”crosstalk1 alt=”crosstalk1/>

Where: Labor Gallery Budapest When: opening on June 26th. From June 26th to July 27th.

Presentation of Daniel Nevers’work

((/03_blog/public/DanielNevers_l.jpg” alt=”Daniel Nevers alt=”Daniel Nevers/> El artista __[Daniel Nevers|]__, actual residente en homesession, Barcelona, presentará su trabajo el __sábado 27 de junio__ 2009 de 19h a 21h. Se necesitará confirmar presencia por email. The artist __Daniel Nevers__, current resident at homesession, Barcelona, will present his work __saturday the 27th of June__ 2009 from 7 PM to 9 PM. Confirmation required via email.

Brussels / Art Brussels

We’ll be at [Art Brussels 2009||en], 27th contemporary art fair in Brussels, which will be held april 24-27. Two events by Aggtelek: opening of the exhibition at the Cervantes Institute (25/09) and opening at the Josza Gallery (27/09).

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BCN Producció 09

We recommend the show BCN Producció 09 La Capella Hospital,56 Barcelona, Spain From 18 March to 3 May Artists: Fito Conesa, Joan Morey, Mireia Sallarès, Oriol Vilanova, Momu & No Es Curators: Amanda Cuesta, Carles Guerra, Eloy Fernández Porta

Link of the day: “un año de amor” (one year of love)

[Un año de amor|http://unañ|en] (one year of love) is a web event that will begin on march 24th 2009 at 00:00 AM (GMT+1) and end on march 25th 2010 at 00:00 AM (GMT+1). Be ready! It will be accessible during one whole year through the URL [http://unañ|http://unañ|en]. When: from 24/03/2009 at 00:00 to 25/03/2009 at 00:00