Exposition “A la cuenta de tres”/ Opening 4 de mayo

Exposition “A la cuenta de tres”/ Opening 4 de mayo


EXPOSITION “A la cuenta de tres”Layal Nakle, Katerina Ashche, Maria José Serrano

Exposition in colaboración with Metafora 


Opening  “A la cuenta de tres””

Viernes 4 de mayo, de 19 a 22 horas


How do we read stories? What kind of stories can objects tell us? What do these stories tell about us, our stories, beliefs, and feelings? What can we build from this? Stories have a core role in our everyday life, in the configuration of society and the building of identity. There are as many ways of reading stories as there are readers and stories, and as many ways to narrate as there are narrators and stories. “a la cuenta de tres” proposes three different narratives that take place at the same time; exploring three ways of reading, from different voices.


“Adrift” by Layal Nakle

“Five short stories” by Katerina Ashche

“Holy no, no” by Maria José Serrano

Sylvie-Layal Nakle ( Ivory Coast, 1992) is a Belgo-Lebanese artist currently based in Barcelona. Using her multiculturalism to explore the wide notion of Identity,  themes such as migration, imperialism or western hegemony are recurrent in her work. Her practice consists in collecting images (moving or fixed), sounds, stories or opinions to construct her own artistic language. In that sense, her work can best be described as an assemblage of re-appropriated materials.

Katerina Ashche (Moscow, 1977) is Russian artist. She grew up in a family of circus performers and had a pet cheetah when she was a kid. Her art is about telling stories. The stories are based on the personal experience of the artist though one never knows where is the edge between the real and imaginary. Katerina works with storytelling using visual media such as installation or performance as well as texts.

María José Serrano (Uruguay 1979) was always curious about how the world works, that coming and going of people and objects. She studied economics with the illusion of getting some clues about these matters.That intuitive, analytical, illustrative background, starts a dialog with the plasticity and possibilities of the different languages she explored. Over time she found that the illusion of understanding the world gives way to the illusion of creating her own worlds. She works in a scale that goes from the very abstract thinking/feeling, to the most concrete/touchable things.



Robert Cahen. A selection of video works.

Robert Cahen. (1945, Valence, France) A selection of video works. Organiza: Institut Français Barcelona http://www.institutfrancais.es/barcelona/ Con la colaboración de: Videoakt International Videoart Biennial www.videoaktbiennal.com y Homesession www.homesession.org Miércoles 28 de Enero 2015

Hora: 19:30

Lugar: Auditorio del Institut Français Barcelona C. Moià 8


– Corps Flottants. 13´ – 1997

– L’étreinte. 9´ – 2003

– Sanaa, passages en noir. 7´ – 2007

– Plus loin que la nuit. 10´- 2004

– Dieu voit tout. 11´- 2011

– Blind Song 4´ 2008

Collateral Effects – Beyond Radical Milan

__Collateral Effects – Beyond Radical Milan__ 20.03.14 – 16.04.14 a collaboration between Sala d’Art Jove and Homesession. OPENING 20.03 19.00h [Sala d’Art Jove|http://saladartjove.cat/i/exposici%C3%B3/efectes-col%C2%B7laterals-m%C3%A9s-enll%C3%A0-de-milano-radicale]. Calàbria 147. BCN Debate assembly: Art and social movements: the voice of the curator Miguel Amado, Alba Benavent, Lucía Piedra G, Aria Spinelli 20.03 17.00h Exhibition curated by __Aria Spinelli__. Francesc Abad, Rolando d’Alessandro, Studio Azzurro, Angelo Castucci, Domènec, Fernando De Filippi, Nuria Güell, Ugo La Pietra, Laboratorio di Comunicazione Militante, Leland Palmer, Daniela Ortiz & Xose Quiroga, Rhaze, Giovanni Rubino, Roberto Taroni, Claudia Ventola. The exhibition is the last appointment for the curatorial residency independent curator Aria Spinelli conducted at Homesession in Barcelona. As curator in residence and member of Radical Intention, Aria Spinelli proposed a culturally specific and local investigation in the region of Barcelona. Collateral Effects – Beyond Radical Milan initiates a discussion concerning the relationship between art and politics within a european and local framework. As a tangent project to Radical Intention’s ongoing research, Collateral Effects – Beyond Radical Milan looks at issues that were raised throughout Radical intention’s year-long project Milano Radicale (2011-2012). These issues regard in particular art’s engagement with social movements, the social impact of movements on artistic profession, forms of alternative knowledge and the impact of technology, the notion of the political and its relation to practice. Event on [facebook|https://www.facebook.com/events/600867409997799/”>.

“Tras las huellas del delito”. by Angie Bonino

The relationship between the information and political projects is at the ground of Angie Bonino’s work: the political modernity and, especially, the Nation-State’s demiurgic project that aims at constructing a shared reality for a territory and a people, carries with it many contradictions. Among the obstacles, the transnational dynamics of capitalism have a central position, by producing a strong uncertainty about the place and form of the political power.

In this framework, the information overload has favored the emergence of the figure of conspiracy, which constitutes the basis of Angie Bonino’s approach, by questionning the relevance of the official story and its mode of production. The artist takes on a political ontology which relies on a reality that would be distributed on a double level: the official one, at the surface, and a deeper level to which a serie of clues and evidence could lead.

The project “Tras las huellas del delito” gives a form to an ongoing investigation through an activist space that connects positions, speeches and hidden intentions: it aims at counteracting “the grammar of normality”, a set of rules that promotes the official story as the sole legitimate to deal with reality at a large scale. [http://www.angiebonino.com/|http://www.angiebonino.com/|es] Opening: Thursday 30/05/2013, at 7:30 PM Exhibition: from 31/05 till 8/06, from Wed to Sat, 5 to 7:30 PM C/ Creu dels Molers 15 bajos, 08004 Barcelona

Sunita Prasad. artist talk.

We are glad to invite you to meet Sunita Prasad, artist in residency at Homesession during March and April: she will present her current projects and will show a selection of videos.

Sunita Prasad’s projects draw from her research on social histories and multiple publics, while inserting heightened fictional elements or hyperbolized versions back into those histories and communities online and in public space. She has a special interest in works that are activated live and in physical touch. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Sunita is originally from Syracuse NY and received a BFA in Film & TV from New York University and an MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her works have been shown in galleries, festivals, and performance venues internationally.

This event is part of the festival Miradas de mujeres.

Artist talk: Saturday, March 16 at 19h
Homesession, C/ Creu dels Molers 15. 08004 Barcelona

Save the date: April 19, opening of Sunita’s exhibition.

Dynasty, gaps of a continuous. Jessica Salinas

Dynasty, gaps of a continuous, a proposal by [Jessica Salinas|http://jessicasalinas.tumblr.com alt=”jessica salinas], investigates the formal codes related to the reproduction mechanisms of social power. The exhibition display combines documents, architectural features and portraits that refers directly to the sociological question of reproduction and to its aesthetic manifestations. “Using images of portraits in small format paintings profiling specific social key characters, and projecting videos and documents that establish positions of corporate and institutional relationships, Jessica displays models of social reference for established power networks whose engagement strategies can be recognize, as well as the economic and cultural fields where such things happens.” (Francisco Benítez. February 2012.) Opening: March 27, 2013. 7 PM

[Homesession|https://maps.google.es/maps?hl=es&q=creu+dels+molers+15+barcelona&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Carrer+de+la+Creu+dels+Molers,+15,+08004+Barcelona,+Catalunya&gl=es&t=m&ll=41.373717,2.161903&spn=0.019323,0.036478&z=14&iwloc=A&source=embed] C/ Creu dels Molers 15. 08004 Barcelona exhibition: 27-31 March 2013.

Open during afternoons.

Myrina Tunberg. artist talk @ homesession

((ftp://olivvv:souri14474@homesession.org//public_html/03_news/2012-05-27/LikRoL2.gif/> [Myrina Tunberg|http://myrinatunberg.net/ alt=”Myrina Tunberg], current artist in residence at Homesession will present her recent works.

Myrina is Greek/American experimental photo, video, sound and installation artist and curator, recently graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute. Monday, May 28, 2012 at 7 PM

Homesession Barcelona.