Benjamin Collet


De coupes empruntées de paysages sur les épaules.

Conquistadores de lo inutil, comme une petite musique de déplacements.


This project, carried out within residence exchange framework between Homesession and art3 (Valence, France) leaded to several events:

At first, I wrote a lot about Barcelona, ​​its architecture, its urban devices, as well as all the people I’ve met since I came here. These notes are the equivalent of a story or a postcard, becoming almost in a love letter to Barcelona. These texts and these notes have been interpreted and sung by a soundtrack that is configured as the Original Soundtrack of the exhibition created in collaboration with Natalia Paez Carrizo and music producer @hugodouster, here in Barcelona.

Conducting a workshop at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, I could also create a video to illustrate some of this soundtrack, like a real trailer for the exhibition. To make this video, I made a small collection of clothing that students who participated in the workshop, gave them life and movement.

These pieces are both costume and scene representation of some of the purposes of the soundtrack. The whole exhibition can be seen as a visual and sound exploration of Barcelona, ​​a kind of itinerant opera karaoke.


Benjamin Collet (Lyon, France, 1984) is a resident artist at Homesession in our Exchange Residency Program in colaboration with art3 (Valence, France). During his stay in Barcelona he participated in the project Polaritats carried out by Homesession in collaboration with “Art. Professió i docència ” and University of Barcelona.

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