Azahara Cerezo

Azahara Cerezo is the winner of the exchange grant 2019 for a residency at art3 (Valence, France) during October and November 2019.
Thanks to the collaboration of art3 and the support of Institut Ramon Llull and Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Homepage to labour

In 1942, under the German Occupation, the bronze sculpture made by Charles Théodore Perron as a monument to work was removed from public space. Like a thousand of sculptures throughout France between 1940 and 1944, it was cast to use the material in different industries, especially warfare. From this sculpture remains an empty pedestal with the inscription “Hommage au travail”, which sits today in a square of Ivry sur Seine, at the gates of Paris. Taking this lack of sculpture as a starting point, I ask several professionals if they can make a proposal to restore an absent monument to work. Sketches are entrusted to 3D designers through a virtual platform for freelancers from all over the world, which is based on a continuous flow of immaterial work under parameters of delocalisation, competition and immediacy. Conceived as a wall piece and a publication at the same time, work becomes an unfinished gesture from the fragmentation of sculptures and conversations.

Azahara Cerezo (Girona, 1988) addresses contradictions in the territory’s singularity and in/visibility relations between urban forms, globalizing processes and technical tools. Reappropriation and displacement strategies are used to shape (often online) actions, experimental videos and installations. Her projects are frequently linked to the production in context in the frame of artistic residencies as well as to the collaboration with other artists.

He has been resident in Villa Belleville (Paris), Colegio de España (Paris), Casa de Velázquez (Madrid, exchange with Hangar, Barcelona), Hangar (Barcelona) and 1646 (The Hague, Netherlands), among others. His work has been presented individually recently in MAL (Seville). He has participated in group exhibitions such as “Un món paral-lel” at Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona), “We are as Gods…” at Nieuwe Vide (Haarlem, Holland), “Provincia 53” at MUSAC (León) and CDAN (Huesca), “Intervalo” at Casa Hoffmann (Bogotá, Colombia) or “Especies de Espacios” at MACBA (Barcelona).