Ariadna Guiteras

Ariadna Guiteras. Gentle Bread

Gentle Bread is the research carried out by Ariadna Guiteras as a artist-in-residence at THIS (London, UK) with the collaboration of Homesession between March and April 2016.

Presented as an installation of ten ceramic sculptures and a performance that took place at the Chalton Gallery, Gentle Bread connects the learning of bread and ceramics elaboration, which the artist received during her stay, with non-hegemonic distributions of the knowledge such as orality and gestural memory. From the simple gesture of bread making: to push, to cut, to pinch or to knead, Guiteras creates ceramic sculptures that become a materialization of this movement shared between the elaboration of a food and the sculptural process.

While the ceramic pieces are the object testimony of the immaterial knowledge that  she has acquired, the voice of the artist through a song appears as a support to express this knowledge from the emotions, evoking secrets, judgments and deceptions. Orality and muscular memory coexist in the same space-time, while the body presence of the artist is hidden in favor of the voice.

Ariadna Guiteras (Barcelona, 1986) works on performance, sculpture and installation to tackle issues such as control, body, immateriality, gesture and memory from a social, political and emotional perspective. He has shown and participated with performances in cities such as Barcelona, Vic, Sabadell, London, Düsseldorf and Berlin; she has received the Miquel Casablancas prize (2016), the fellowship of a guest researcher at the MACBA Centre d’Estudis i Investigació (2014) and the research prize of the Sala d’Art Jove (2014).