Antonin Horquin

ANTONIN HORQUIN. Memento de suelo flotante. Sección 1

“The floating floor that I am currently building is slowly becoming part of the architectural space of Homesession, my place of work and life. It is an elevated interior surface that is located on the ground floor, directly below the window of the room in which I sleep. It is composed by plaster tiles of 59 x 59 centimeters that I have molded myself from a found model, and that are supported by supports of 10 centimeters height. After drawing the first mosaic prototype, which then breaks, I make a calculation mistake and prepare too much plaster. I throw it into a shapeless pile on the ground while it is in the process of hardening, without expecting anything else.

With a quick association of ideas, this form reminds me of the sculpture of a young woman whose face I do not recognize. Inspired by antiquity and arranged on a pedestal, I meet her at night, illuminated behind a shop window of a bathroom store in Strasbourg, France. This image reminds me another one, La Dama de Elche, the famous Iberian sculpture that I discovered printed on the golden packaging of a ball sold in a bazaar in Barcelona, Spain. While I watch a television documentary about her, the archaeologist presents the contour of a bust of a warrior found at the foot of a quarry, a rough and unfinished sculpture thrown by the stonemason after the rupture of a part of the block. That is when I think I have found the way forward during my residency: the spatial dialogue of the elements linked in one way or another, closer or more distant, to these four entities.”

* Memento: from Latin memento which means “remember”.

  1. Diary, notebook where you want to remember or where useful information is found.
  2. Book that summarizes all the essential parts of a question, a topic.
  3. Prayer of the canon of the mass that begins with this Latin word (the memento of the living and the memento of the dead).


Antonin Horquin was born in 1982 in Saint-Martin-d’Hères in Isère (France). After a difficult journey, he started studying graphic design and graduated from ENSBA Lyon in 2009. Parallel to his activity as a semi-independent designer, he co-founded and co-managed the Sunset Résidence in Lyon, a variable structure that includes an exhibition space, an independent bookshop and a collective workshop, whose ephemeral but euphoric existence begins in 2011 and ends in 2014. Since then he has been dedicated to plastic art and he patiently weaves ties between its different productions, mainly constituted by fixed and moving images, texts and objects. He also co-manages with Tom Castinel the Pâle Mâle duo, a collaborative and friendly project that has been presented in France at centers such as Le CAP (Saint-Fons), Art3 (Valence) and Le 19 CRAC (Montbéliard); and in Germany at the Halle14 (Leipzig) and the Kunsthalle (Göppingen).