About the project

Since 2007, Homesession promotes the creation in the field of visual arts: it combines a residency open to international artists, production grants for Spanish artists as well as an educational programme: Polaritats.

Through a continuous effort to support artists, Homesession welcomes proposals based on very diverse media and practices, with a strong interest in interdisciplinary experimentation.

In October 2007, we opened the doors of a house in a small neighbourhood of Barcelona called Poble Sec, to an artistic experiment: a Canadian artist, Patrick Bérubé, inaugurated a program of residences that did not immediately take this name or qualification.

The trial and error method that presided over the birth of this makeshift residency gave rise to the opening of an open field of possibles. The first intention was however to make things happen, without speculating excessively. The empirical and progressive recognition of the potentialities, this exploration provided by the co-living with the artists and the personal implication in the creative process didn’t fit in with the pre-design of successive stages for the project, that would be designed like a baroque escape. 

It started there, improvising with what we had in hand: a house, an internet connection and a vital space that could never be summed up to a couple’s life.

From this departure point,  3 different programs stemmed successively:

1 / artist residence and mobility: 2 months residencies with public presentations of projects

2 / production grants: support for Spanish artists in a solo show format

3 / Polaritats educational program: artistic mediation and collaboration program for students of higher and non-artistic higher education