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About the project

Since 2007 Homesession has been a catalyst for creation in the field of visual arts, with its international residency programme and production grants for Spanish artists. In its constant effort to support artists and promote art, Homesession welcomes proposals that utilise diverse media and practices, with a strong focus on interdisciplinary experimentation.

Homesession endeavours to complement the work of the institutions in Barcelona's art scene: it provides a home for proposals that are daring and innovative in their contents as much as in their format and aesthetics, making room for the unexpected.

Our proposal establishes an artist residency in Barcelona dedicated to international artists, offering the opportunity for a unique, creative experience in Catalonia. The residency is located in the centre of Barcelona, giving resident artists the possibility to be deeply immersed in local life.
More information on the residency
More information on past residencies

Invited-One-Day is a creation support programme dedicated to spanish artists: it consists in an experience led by an artist, who's litterally "invited one day" for a specific project.
More information on the Invited-One-Day programme

Homesession is simultaneously a space for creation and residency and a platform for investigation and curating. The activities that are generated range from performances and installations to video screenings, artist's talks or presentations of publications. In addition, the initiators of the project develop curatorial activities in art centres and festivals. The Studio Gallery is available for events, exhibitions, screenings, etc.


Invited programme


INVITED is a curated programme of exhibitions and events started in 2010.
INVITED is invitational. It allows visual artists from Barcelona and Spain to develop a new project.

The artists or curators that have participated to the programme have shown the range of possibilities this format allows, with installations, performances, lectures, video projections, open investigation processes, etc.



Artist-in-residence programme


Homesession Residency is an artist-in-residence programme for artists and art professionals who want to develop their investigations or projects in Barcelona. In 2012 Homesession Studio opens its doors providing a new space for this programme, consisting of a flat for residents, an exhibition area and shared offices. Homesession Studio offers stays from one week to three months. This gives artists the opportunity to enjoy the interactions that can be generated from a culturally active neighbourhood in the centre of Barcelona. This and the involvement of Homesession in the local art scene makes the stay a key experience in the creative process.



Polaritats, art educational programme


Since 2015-2016, artists are invited to universities to work throughout the year with the students on a serie of workshops, collaborative projects and talks. Initiated through a collaboration with the University of Barcelona (Fine Arts), the program has been extended as of 2017 to the Escola Massana (Art and Design) and the University of Lleida (Computer Engineering and Education).



Improvisation rules


Another 5 years of projects at Homesession
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