We collect here a selection of articles, interviews and reports as well as publications that refer to the project.

ELDIARIO.ES Arte a domicilio. Juanjo Santos. 12/04/2015. View.

LECOOL. Max-o-matic. 08/02/2015. View.

TIMEOUT. Max-o-matic. 07/02/2015. View.

A*DESK. Efectos Colaterales: ajustes y desajustes generacionales. Juliane DEBEUSSCHER. 19/04/2014. View.

DIRECTA. Efectes Collaterales 20/03/2014. View.

ARA.Play 10/05/2013. View.

El Cultural. (El Mundo) David G. TORRES published on 11/01/2013. View.

El Mundo. 06/12/2012. View.

Plataforma de arte contemporáneo. 05/09/2012. View.

BCN Mes. 01/09/2012. View.

Wrong magazine. 06/06/2012. View.

El Cultural.(El Mundo) 16/12/2011.View article.

ADN. 16/12/2011.View article.

TimeOut. 23/11/2011.View article.

Mini Guide. 06/10/2011.View article.

Waaau. 21/10/2010.Mariokissme. View article.

Le Cool. 21/10/2010.Presentación Mariokissme. View article.

Metropolitan Barcelona. 01/10/2010.View article.

La Mono. 08/2010. Adam Davis en Homesession. View article.

Le Cool. 29/04/2010. Homesession: Sabrina Harri + Margarita Pineda. View article.

Le Cool. 04/02/2010. Homesession: Sado de Fito Conesa. View article.

Le Cool. August 2009. “Sueños y secretos de homesession”. View interview

El Mundo. 09/07/2009. “Mecenatge i ‘voyeurisme artístic a casa”. View article.

Neo2 blog. 26/06/2006. Presentación Daniel Nevers. View article.

Le Cool. 25/06/2009. Presentación Daniel Nevers. View article.

Comràdio. Extraradi. 10/05/2012. Listen online.

BTV. El Pla B. 03/05/2012.View video.

BTV. Connexió 09/12/2011.See video.

RNE. Radio Nacional España. 01/12/2011.Listen.

RNE. Radio Nacional España. 11/03/2011 El ojo crítico. Report: Pilar Sampietro. Listen online.

Cat Radio. Cabaret Electric. Júlia Bertran. 22/04/2010. Homesession + Sabrina Harri. Listen online or download.

New Museum Art directory. 01/06/2012. View.

homesession was presented by Marta Gracia in Tokyo Cervantes Institute on may 2009 among two other spanish residencies.

“We love artists” book about residencies around the world, by Japanese publisher Someone’s Garden

2009. View extract.