Sunita Prasad, The Assassin’s Last Word.

Homesession is glad to invite you to the presentation of [Sunita Prasad’s||en|Sunita Prasad] project, The Assassin’s Last Word, an exhibition based on the story of Michele Angiolillo, an anarchist who was condemned to the death penalty for the assassination of prime minister Antonio Canóvas in 1897. His last word, “Germinal!”, which has since been interpreted in multiple ways, is the main articulation of the exhibition. The show is both an installation and a reading-room based on public participation, collaborations and personal research by the artist. The project investigates the historic fact and its narrative as well as its possible echoes throughout time, from our own context. %%%

__Opening__: friday, april 19th

__Exhibition__: April 20th to 27th, wednesday to saturday, from 5pm to 7.30 pm

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